Welcome to the world, baby app! We are happy to announce the birth of our baby: PlayPlay Pocket. It sprang into the world on the 26th of May at 11am.

4.3MB of pure love.

PlayPlay users let the team know that they would love to be able share videos made on PlayPlay directly from their smartphone, quickly and easily. So what did we do? We made it happen!

playplay pocket mobile app

What is PlayPlay Pocket?

It's quite simply a mobile application that streamlines the process of sharing PlayPlay videos, straight from your phone.

With PlayPlay Pocket :

  • Find all your playplays and view them directly on the app, perfect for showing your videos to a colleague, for example
  • Publish your videos directly from your phone, instead of using a WeTransfer or overburdened file share
  • Save your playplays to your phone to keep them nice and warm, waiting and ready to wow the world
  • Share them through all possible channels: Whatsapp, email, SMS... so the whole world can see your exceptional video talents

How does it work?

How to create a video or a story and share it on social networks:

1) Use PlayPlay on desktop to create a video in just a few minutes

2) Install PlayPlay Pocket on your smartphone

3) Browse and watch your videos and stories on PlayPlay Pocket

4) With just a few taps, share your video or story to social networks (Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Instagram feed, Facebook feed, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and other apps (WhatsApp, Slack, etc.)

5) Personalize your post... and then we have lift off!

video sharing mobile app

Check out the video the PlayPlay team created to announce the grand occasion!

Now, it's down to you to create your next masterpiece and share it on Instagram (and all other the social networks)... because stories are made for sharing!