Attract and retain more talents by creating human resources videos

  • Use case finger emoji - facts | Playplayfact Competition for talents is tougher than ever.
  • Use case lightning emoji - do | Playplaydo Never post a job offer in .pdf file again! On LinkedIn, human resources videos generate up to 20x more engagement. Advertise open positions at your company in a dynamic and eye-catching way.
  • Job Offer

  • Recruitment Campaign

  • Job Offer

  • Use case finger emoji - facts | Playplayfact Companies with a strong employer brand receive 100% more applications to their job offers.
  • Use case lightning emoji - do | Playplaydo Create human resources videos to showcase your organization’s unique culture and awesome employees.
  • Employee Interview

  • Reasons to join

  • Event Recap

  • Use case finger emoji - facts | Playplayfact A third of all employees feel disconnected from their company.
  • Use case lightning emoji - do | Playplaydo Use human resources video to boost employee engagement: highlight team projects, share your vision and values, and empower your employees by letting them create more playplays.
  • Company Values

  • Women Network Promotion

  • Employee Testimony

They do it with PlayPlay

  • Axa uses PlayPlay on LinkedIn to develop its employer brand

  • EY uses PlayPlay to feature career opportunities on LinkedIn

  • Edgar People uses PlayPlay to increase their visibility as a recruitment agency