Attract and retain more talents with PlayPlay

  • Use case finger emoji - facts |¬†PlayplayFact: Competition for talents is tougher than ever.
  • Use case lightning emoji - do |¬†PlayplayDo: Never post a job offer in .pdf file again! On LinkedIn, videos generate up to 20x more engagement. Advertise open positions at your company in a dynamic and eye-catching way.
  • Job Offer

  • Recruitment Campaign

  • Job Offer

  • Use case finger emoji - facts |¬†PlayplayFact: Companies with a strong Employer Brand receive 100% more applications to their job offers.
  • Use case lightning emoji - do |¬†PlayplayDo: Create videos to showcase your organization‚Äôs unique culture and awesome employees.
  • Employee Interview

  • Reasons to join

  • Event Recap

  • Use case finger emoji - facts |¬†PlayplayFact: A third of all employees feel disconnected from their company.
  • Use case lightning emoji - do |¬†PlayplayDo: Use video to boost employee engagement: highlight team projects, share your vision and values, and empower your employees by letting them create more playplays.
  • Company Values

  • Women Network Promotion

  • Employee Testimony

They do it with PlayPlay

Axa uses PlayPlay on LinkedIn to develop its employer brand

EY uses PlayPlay to feature career opportunities on LinkedIn

Edgar People uses PlayPlay to increase their visibility as a recruitment agency