Fed up with trying to choose stock media for your videos? You’re not alone.

In fact, we conducted a PlayPlay customer survey and learned that choosing the right stock media is the most time-consuming aspect of creating a video.

While using original footage in your videos is more engaging for audiences—busy marketers, comms and social media pros simply don’t have the time for regular photoshoots and filming sessions.

With a stock media library at your fingertips, there’s no need to spend precious time taking photos. You can create an awesome video in minutes and keep that editorial calendar ticking over. What’s more, high-quality stock footage enhances your visual storytelling and makes your messaging pop.

On the contrary, a single bad stock image can ruin even the best videos. You know the type: overly-corporate colleagues with plastered smiles, shaking hands and gazing dead-eyed towards the camera. You’ll want to avoid this kind of cliché, overused footage.

Not to mention, it may take hours to sift through enough of these in order to find the perfect image or clip.

That’s why PlayPlay has teamed up with Getty Images: to provide our Enterprise clients with the highest quality stock media library available on the market. With instant access to collections from the world’s best content creators, you’ll spend far less time browsing for images, and more time watching your electrifying PlayPlay videos whip up a storm on social media.

Getty Images X PlayPlay: a match made in video heaven

Stock media hosting sites have been around forever. In fact, there’s plenty of them on the market. So what makes Getty Images the ideal choice when it comes to creating videos?

The world's best creative images—100% royalty‑free

Getty is home to over 400 million pieces of royalty-free content, contributed by 320,000 of the world’s best content creators. With high-resolution images, immersive video footage in 4K and 360 degrees, and a huge variety of illustrations, Getty offers PlayPlay users access to the most trusted and highest quality media library available.

Award‑winning photographers, videographers and curators

Getty Images’ award-winning contributors capture high-impact footage of world events, while their visual experts study data, advertising trends, and shifts in consumer behavior to hand‑pick the best content. You can now add exclusive visuals to your videos—featuring the Black Lives Matter protests and a variety of contemporary issues—that aren't available through other stock media providers.

Getty’s advanced search feature is integrated directly into PlayPlay’s platform, allowing you to add filters to every search and quickly find authentic images for your videos. Craft your video storytelling with even greater accuracy, thanks to geographically-relevant content that reflects the diversity and cultures of your audiences from around the globe.

With PlayPlay and Getty, you can quickly find impactful and relevant stock media for your videos to nurture your online communities with awesome content.

Now that’s a match made in video heaven.

How does the Getty Images media library work on PlayPlay?

Now that we’ve covered why PlayPlay’s partnership with Getty Images is great news for users, let’s dig into the nuts and bolts of how it works on the platform.

To upgrade to PlayPlay’s Enterprise plan and gain full access to Getty’s premium Creative content, get in touch with a member of our Customer Success team. They’ll be happy to speak with you!

PlayPlay partners with Getty Images to launch premium integration

The Getty Images Search Experience

  1. First, click on the ‘Stock’ button
  2. In the search bar, type in a keyword that relevant to the media you are searching for (e.g. ‘family’). The ‘related keyword’ feature, located just below the search bar, will help you find other relevant keywords and refine your search. Your previous searches will also be saved and listed to help you refind stock media.
  3. You can then browse through Getty’s collection of photos, videos and illustrations that are related to this keyword.
  4. Select filters to narrow down your search and find the perfect media. Note that you can select multiple options for each criteria to refine your search.
  5. Finally, drag and drop your chosen media into the ‘media square’ on your PlayPlay screen to add it to your video!
PlayPlay partners with Getty Images

Photo and illustration filters:

  • Location: Choose from a selection of countries, cities, and regions to ensure your media search is relevant to your chosen location
  • Orientation: Select from horizontal, vertical and square to find media in your chosen formats
  • Color: Pick from a variety of colors schemes or type in a hex color code if you want media only in a specific color
  • People: Select the number of people that appear in your media selection, their age, ethnicity, and the composition of the camera shot (e.g ‘close-up’, ‘looking at camera’, etc.)

Video filters

  • Location: Choose from a selection of countries, cities, and regions to find videos relevant to your chosen location
  • Duration: Search for video clips within a range of durations if you need precise timings for particular screens in your PlayPlay video

What are the benefits of the search feature?

The integrated Getty Images search feature helps you find the perfect media for your PlayPlay videos, fast. And with the multiple search filters refining your results, you’ll bring your PlayPlay video to life—exactly as you imagined it.

Want to release your inner-cinematographer? Hone in on specific compositions like close-ups or abstract images, experiment with specific color schemes to make your videos pop on social media platforms, or add dynamic illustrations for extra variety.

But most importantly, the geo-located content filters ensure relevant search results so you can always find media that is best-suited to your audience’s culture and representation. Multinational companies rejoice: you can tailor the stock imagery for your videos to different audiences around the globe, with ease!

💡 Did you know?

40% of PlayPlay users are applying filters to their media searches and 60% are using the 'related keyword' feature to find the most relevant stock media for their videos.

Getting it right

The right stock media can be the difference between a terrible video that makes your audience cringe in horror, and a great video that has them craving more content. So it’s no surprise that you’ve been spending time looking for the perfect stock media for your videos.

But now that PlayPlay has partnered with Getty Images, video production time for in-house teams will be slashed in half. Find relevant and high-quality video clips, images, and illustrations—in seconds—for your next beautiful video.

All you busy marketers, comms and social media pros—the search is already over. Sign up for PlayPlay’s 7-day free trial and start creating videos with premium Getty content... then sit back and watch them dominate your audience’s social media feeds.