Build Trust With Healthcare Video Communication

Educate your audience, show the commitment of your staff and prove your expertise with video.

Build Trust With Healthcare Video Communication<br>

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Build Trust in Your Audience With Video

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Educate your audience

Build trust and empower patients with educational videos. Educational series, awareness campaigns, Q&As... Explanatory videos help break down complex medical concepts and treatment options.

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Show the faces behind your services

Employee portraits, job profiles, recruitment videos... Use video to show the commitment and impact of your teams at every stage of the healthcare process.

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Showcase your expertise

You're a trusted source of care and information. Display your expertise and values in video, with interviews of healthcare professionals, case studies, talks with experts...

Our Healthcare Clients Make Videos Their Audiences Love

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PlayPlay helped us effectively convey messages to diverse stakeholders, ensuring user-friendly, engaging, and quick delivery…despite varying audiences. People see enough emails and slide decks. They just want to hit play and let it sink in. You missed something? You play it again. Now everyone’s pleased.


Steve Jamieson

Associate Manager of Field Communications @ Novo Nordisk

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What our customers say about PlayPlay

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    It is so easy to edit on PlayPlay, it's almost comical. People are amazed that I can turn around a video in 10 minutes.


    Steve Jamieson

    Associate Manager of Field Communications @ Novo Nordisk

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    PlayPlay helps us create high-quality videos while keeping up with the fast pace of social media.


    Tania Rahman

    Social Media Director @ Fast Company

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    It was often difficult… outsourcing video production makes the process more lengthy and not all creative decisions were under our control. With PlayPlay, we are much more intentional about planning and creating new visual content.


    Aimée Knight

    Public Relations Officer @ Heifer

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    I love how fast it is to create videos with PlayPlay. Before, it would take weeks from the creative brief to the delivery of the video by the agency. Now it’s just a matter of hours and the videos look just as good!


    Kirsten Humphrey

    Digital Marketing Director @ Heineken UK

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    With its AI features and templates, PlayPlay allows me to quickly create simple, dynamic videos without having to use complicated software. It’s helped me increase my content output, as well as reach and engagement on Reels.


    Nate Goold

    Social Media and Online Reputation Manager @ The University of Kansas Health System

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    Since PlayPlay, we've increased video views on our social media platforms by over 165% quarter over quarter.


    Sarah Hirsch

    Brand & Marketing Strategist @ Gundersen Health System

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    PlayPlay allows me to create videos in a more efficient way. The corporate templates save me a lot of time, and the AI voice-over is one of my favorites!


    Nicolas Ospina Ramirez

    Senior Communications Director @ Schneider Electric

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    80% of our social media content is now made with PlayPlay.


    Alexis Bernard

    Head of Social Media @ Crédit Agricole

Build Public Engagement with Impactful Videos.

Employee interviews, explainer videos, Q&A… Create your first healthcare video in minutes with PlayPlay. No video editing experience needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Why create healthcare videos?


Healthcare videos offer a powerful means of educating and engaging patients while building trust and credibility for your healthcare organization. Through accessible video content, patients can better understand complex medical information and treatment options, leading to improved engagement and outcomes. By showcasing the expertise and dedication of healthcare providers, videos foster trust and confidence among patients, while expanding your organization's reach across diverse audiences.

What types of videos can you create for the healthcare sector?


Here's a list of video ideas for the healthcare sector:

  • Interview Videos: Employees can share insights and experiences, offering a personal look at your healthcare company and building trust.
  • Educational Content: It explains medical procedures, conditions, or healthcare services, enhancing patient understanding.
  • Event Highlights: Coverage of healthcare-related events, conferences, or community outreach programs.
  • Wellness Tips: Advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including diet, exercise, and mental health strategies.
  • Patient Testimonials: Success stories and experiences from patients to build trust and credibility.
  • Public Health Updates: Informational videos on health alerts, updates, and preventive measures.
  • Facility Tour: A visual guide through the healthcare facility to demystify it through video.

All these types of video can be created with PlayPlay, even without video editing experience, thanks to our hundreds of video templates, comprehensive and intuitive features, and our AI capabilities that simplify the creation process even further - from zero to a video in one click.

How to create a healthcare video with PlayPlay?


Creating a healthcare video with PlayPlay is easy: simply log in, select a video template or start from scratch, and upload your media. Next, enhance your video with logos, text, voiceovers, subtitles and music. Finally, preview, download, and share your video across social media, website, and intranet to effectively reach your audience.

With AI, you can now generate an engaging health video in seconds from a prompt. PlayPlay's AI video assistant combines screens for you, titles, storytelling, media and music. Adjust and share.

What are the best practices for healthcare video production?


For impactful healthcare marketing videos, focus on clear, informative, and engaging content. Key practices include keeping videos short, storytelling, prioritizing educational value, writing a solid script, maintaining a positive tone, and using quality gear and stock media. Always add subtitles, choose music carefully, incorporate motion graphics, and optimize for specific platforms.

How can videos enhance healthcare marketing strategies?


Videos can significantly enhance healthcare marketing strategies by visually showcasing services, demystifying complex procedures, and sharing patient and employees testimonials, which build trust and credibility. They also improve engagement across digital platforms, making it easier to educate and connect with patients, thereby increasing visibility and fostering a more informed healthcare community.

How can healthcare videos improve patient education?


Healthcare videos offer an accessible way to break down complex medical information, making it easier for patients to understand their conditions. Through visual storytelling, they can illustrate procedures, demonstrate care practices, and provide health tips, thereby empowering patients with knowledge and contributing to better health outcomes.

How to measure the success of your healthcare video campaigns?


Measuring the success of healthcare video campaigns involves tracking engagement metrics such as views, shares, and likes, analyzing audience retention rates, and evaluating feedback through comments. Additionally, assessing the increase in patient inquiries, website traffic, and conversion rates can provide insights into the video's impact on healthcare objectives.