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Create, edit & share videos that WOW in minutes, with AI-powered subtitles, translation, voice generator and more.

Ai Video Creation Suite

3,000+ enterprise companies trust PlayPlay to better communicate.

Go from zero to a video in seconds with our AI Video Assistant

Say goodbye to starting your video from scratch! Just type your video requirements, and our AI Video Assistant will combine text, images and music into a compelling video. Want to see it in action? Take our 1 minute product tour below with Thibaut, CEO of PlayPlay.

Save days of work & foster deeper connections with your audience with cutting-edge AI video capabilities

Create captivating promotional assets in a click with AI copywriting

Increase your videos’ visibility on search engines and social media. In just one click, AI Copywriting helps you summarize the video, find key takeaways, and generate optimized video posts and descriptions for LinkedIn and YouTube.

Generate posts and descriptions for your videos

I love how fast it is to create videos with PlayPlay. Before, it would take weeks from the creative brief to the delivery of the video by the agency. Now it’s just a matter of hours and the videos look just as good!

Kirsten Humphrey
Digital Marketing Manager @Heineken

Unlock the power of AI securely and confidently

Your content and data requires protection. PlayPlay uses enterprise-grade security practices, including advanced encryption, data minimization and access controls, ensuring that your content is protected throughout the video creation process. Our AI appendix details the lawful and ethical use of PlayPlay’s AI features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

What is PlayPlay’s AI Suite?

PlayPlay's AI Suite is a comprehensive toolkit transforming your video creation process. From AI Video Assistant to AI Voice Over, AI Video Translator, Automatic Subtitles, Copywriting, Script, and Article to Video – we empower your creativity for unparalleled communication and marketing success.

What is an AI video?

An AI video is a video generated using artificial intelligence. It leverages AI-powered features to automate processes and workflows such as video editing, voice over, translation, subtitle, copywriting, and script creation. This results in efficient, professional-quality video creation, tailored for diverse purposes, from marketing to training, enriched with creativity and precision.

How does AI enhance video creation for my communications and marketing teams?

Save days of work with AI. PlayPlay’s AI Suite seamlessly integrates into your creative processes, offering intelligent suggestions, optimizing content, and saving time in the video production workflow. From script creation to video promotion, our AI features are designed to enhance creativity and efficiency.

Is PlayPlay’s AI platform suitable for large enterprises?

Absolutely! Our platform is specifically designed to meet the needs of large enterprises. It ensures scalability, brand consistency, and efficient video production processes tailored to the demands of extensive communication and marketing teams.

Can I customize AI-powered videos to align with my brand?

Absolutely! While the AI Video Assistant takes care of the heavy lifting, you can add finishing touches by editing text and media or by adding dynamic elements, always ensuring your video reflects your unique vision and style.

How can I get started with PlayPlay’s AI-powered video creation platform?

Getting started is easy! Simply click on the "Book your demo" button in the top right corner, and our team will guide you through a personalized demonstration, showcasing how our AI-powered features can boost your video communication.

Can I use AI-powered videos for my business?

Absolutely! Our AI-powered video creation platform is tailored for commercial use. Harness the power of AI and create engaging content for content marketing, communications, training and beyond.

Is the content created using AI legally compliant?

Our AI tools adhere to legal standards. Users are responsible for ensuring their content complies with relevant laws and regulations. Refer to our Terms of Service for detailed information.

Who owns the rights to the content created using PlayPlay’s AI Suite?

Users retain intellectual property rights for content created. Refer to our Terms of Service for detailed information.

How can I make a video with generative AI?

Create your generative AI video by following these simple steps:

  • Generate your script: Explain your video needs and requirements or copy and paste an article url and specify your audience. Our AI Video Assistant will generate your script.

  • Customize your AI Video: Once the script is validated, our AI will create your video, combining your script into visuals, text and music. With our branding feature, your video will always be on-brand with your brand’s colors, fonts and logos infused automatically. Add more screens, upload your own media or select from Getty Images library.

  • Add AI Automatic Subtitles and AI Voice Over: Increase your video’s views and reach by adding AI Automatic Subtitles available in 120+ languages, and natural human-like AI Voice Over to your videos. You can also add music, dynamic elements, CTAs, and automatically translate your video into other languages.

  • Share, download or embed your AI Video: Collaborate easily with colleagues by collecting and leaving time-stamped feedback. Download your video and share it on your social media and website.

  • Promote your video with AI Copywriting: Our AI Copywriting helps you summarize your video, find key takeaways, and write compelling video posts and descriptions for LinkedIn and YouTube.

Which AI tool is best for video creation?

PlayPlay is the ideal AI tool for video creation for large companies. Its intelligent AI Video Assistant facilitates rapid, customizable video production from simple prompts. Additional AI-powered features like AI Voice Over, Automatic Subtitles, Video Translator, Article to Video or Copywriting make it a comprehensive and versatile choice.