Social media isn’t just a fun way to talk to friends anymore — it’s become central to how we engage with each other, stay connected, and keep up with the world around us.

With over half of Earth’s population now using social media, this virtual space is now every bit as important as in-person ones for marketers and brands. But all that popularity also spells serious competition!

If they want to stand out from the noise, social media marketers must pay attention to what kind of content social media users want, and respond in kind.

Well, what they want is clear — on social media, it’s all about video. Video posts on social media get 48% more views, and those views translate into real profits. A quarter of consumers have made a purchase after seeing a product on Instagram Stories, and 40% of shoppers globally have purchased after discovering products on YouTube.

But content-creation for a great social media presence isn’t easy! From hashtags to Hootsuite to to Hubspot, the world of social media management can be overwhelming.

If you want to get results and produce amazing videos your brand can be proud of, you’ll need a little bit of guidance.

That’s why we put together our newest ebook, How to Harness the Power of Video Marketing in Your Social Media Strategy.

In this free, downloadable guide, we’ve brought together hard facts, best practices, and expert insights from three social media industry leaders to amp up your online marketing tactics:

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How has video changed social media ?

Video has completely revolutionized social media. It’s no longer optional — creators and marketers need to be working with video if they want to meet consumer expectations.

We all know that some platforms, like TikTok, are video-centric, but the reality is that all social platforms are shifting towards video. It’s become critical to success even in unexpected niches, like software and B2B. What’s more, a great social media video strategy will pay off outside your social accounts too. A healthy social following can help you boost website traffic, gain signups to amp up your email marketing, act as a powerful lead-generation tool, become a fruitful source of user-generated content, and so much more.

That might sound intimidating, but it’s actually good news for marketers. In the ebook, we’ll explore the many reasons why your followers love video, and how marketers can give them what they want — while building relationships, growing brand awareness, and meeting (or even surpassing!) their goals.

💡 The best tools

Looking for the best video tools for your social media? We list 8 of them, including for example a social media video maker.
Indeed, there are many video tools on the market and it is important to select the most relevant ones for you.

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Why is video so effective for engagement and community building?

Social media is all about building community, connection, and relationships. There are many social media platforms that work really well for this. Whether its growing a small business on Instagram or an online shop on Facebook, these all help nuild the community around you. Savvy social media marketers are using video to do that, creating experiences that are as human, authentic, and warm as you can possibly get through a screen.

In the ebook, we’ll break down exactly why video is so great for creating community and boosting organic reach and engagement on social networks, alongside plenty of expert insight and some real-world examples.

What are the key challenges marketers face when creating video for social media?

If you’re overwhelmed, confused, or even a little bit frightened by social video, you’re not the only one! Many marketers and in-house teams are so unsure about where to start that they find it hard to begin at all, and miss out on all the incredible value video can bring to their social strategy.

If this sounds familiar, we’ve got tips to help you out. Get the scoop on the common barriers that hold teams back from making the most of video in their digital marketing — and practical tips to break down every single one of them!

Which social media platforms should I focus on creating video for?

Whether you’re focused on content marketing, an influencer specialist, or an inbound marketing star, budgets and time are spread thin everywhere. That’s why deciding which platforms to focus on is a common stumbling block for teams looking to get started with video.

But as it turns out, there are no easy answers. The right platform for you has a lot more to do with your unique product, target audience, and goals than any hard and fast rules.

In the ebook, we’ll explain how to figure out which platforms will help you connect with your potential customers, find opportunity, and get the positive ROI you want.

What are the ‘Golden Rules’ to follow when it comes to creating videos for social media?

Whatever your goals with online video, there are some basic principles that you’ll need to follow if you want to reel in viewers, stand out from competitors, and make yourself heard in the noisy social media landscape.

In our new ebook, we’ll share our 10 Golden Rules of social media video — a ‘cheat sheet’ for fine-tuning your video’s message, storytelling, aesthetics, and more.

Follow these, and your social media marketing videos will be as clear, captivating, and attention-getting as possible.

How do I know what types of social media videos my company should be creating?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when deciding what kinds of videos are best for your company’s social media strategy.

To help you get started, we’ll go over some of the most useful and popular types of video content for social media, along with benefits and possible use-cases for each.

You’ll also get more expert advice on deciding which formats are right for you, depending on your industry, niche, and goals.

What are some video best practices specific to the major social platforms?

What makes a great social media video depends, to some extent, on which platform you’re planning to publish it on.

We’ll start with social media video general tips for success, and then go platform by platform, sharing best practices for LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you need further advice, find out how long a video should be for social media.

What KPIs should I use to measure social media video success?

To make sure all the energy, time, and creativity you put into your videos was well-spent, you’ll need to know how to measure success.

In the ebook, we’ll explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative metrics, which ones you’ll need to know, and how you can use them to consistently improve how your social media video content performs.

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