Looking for an entrepreneurial and human adventure?

Here are 100 reasons to join us.

🪴 Culture, offices and fun 🤸🏼‍♀️

  1. Because we are the perfect mix between ambition, expertise and conviviality.
  2. Because we are convinced that video is THE content of the present and the future and that everyone should be able to create it easily.
  3. Because every year, we go to a seminar in the sun to celebrate our successes.
  4. Because, we raised $55 million (led by Insight Partners with the support of Balderton Capital) to ensure our growth and development internationally.
  5. Because we have nice offices in the heart of Paris, New York and Berlin.
  6. Because we do have the best view of all offices!
  7. Because we launched an internal podcast and each episode is dedicated to the passion of a PlayPlayer.
  8. Because we value each talent and make him/her grow with PlayPlay: bootcamps manager, French classes for English speakers, training workshops…
  9. Because you can work 3 days a week remotely and 1 month a year at home.
  10. Because we are flex seating pros: desk, sofa, balcony… pretty much everywhere!
  11. Because we have a Slack “Let the music PlayPlay” channel to share our favorite music, as well as one dedicated to hip-hop and another one to metal!
  12. Because we also have a Slack channel to share pictures of our cute pets.
  13. Because we have PlayPlay socks.
  14. Because we have a “happiness squad” that ensures a friendly working environment.
  15. Because every Thursday, we play music quizz.
  16. Because every Friday, we vote for the best PlayPlay made by our customers and the winner is chosen by applause.
  17. Because we’re demanding but never take ourselves too seriously.
  18. Because we support our athletes whether they play beach volleyball, futsal, rock climbing or run the marathon!
  19. Because we know ALL the best restaurants and bars around.
  20. Because even as an intern you feel valued and empowered very quickly.
  21. Because we give great importance to our integration path and make sure the newbies understand the company, the teams and their missions.
  22. Because PlayPlay is the best place to progress quickly as a young graduate.
  23. Because even if there is never water in the coffee machine, we still love our colleagues (but please put water back in the machine!).
  24. Because we value opinions and are always open to hearing ideas on how to improve as an organization.
  25. Because we want to grow together and learn from each other.

    New-York office🗽
  26. Because our US team is brand new and the career opportunities are big.
  27. Because we need your fresh ideas to help us scale in the US.
  28. Because we're taking over the US market from scratch - and we want you to help us!
  29. Because our US team is brand new so it’s the opportunity to build something big.
  30. Because you'll get to travel to Paris and meet the whole company!
  31. Because French PlayPlayers are often coming to work in the NY office and bring us some French specialties.
  32. Because we are pet friendly : the NYC office is Chucho the Bulldog and Pablo the Parakeet second home.
  33. Because we love pickle backs.
  34. Because each PlayPlayer has their own plant - that they must take care of.
  35. Because no Tuesday goes by without a taco.

🎨 Our values 🚀

36. Because our 5 values have been defined by PlayPlay employees : User-first, Creative, United, Ambitious & Committed.

37. Because the “Value Squad”, a group of inter-team employees, brings these values to life every day.

User first

38. Because we never let our customers wait with their problem: an average of 22 seconds response time on the online chat!

39. Because our customers are at the heart of everything we initiate. Our average NPS score of 68 is proof!

40. Because we have a "customer feedback" channel so that each customer feedback is reported to the product team.


41. Because we organize “memes contests” and the winner receives 100 mini stickers of his head to stick everywhere!

42. Because “Arty Club” workshops are regularly organized: origami, collages, Picasso paintings…

43. Because we get improvisational theatre and public speaking trainings. Soon ready for TEDx talks!


44. Because we are masters  in cross-team projects!

45. Because our OKRs are defined collectively.

46. Because our gender equality index is 93/100.

47. Because 45% of managers are women.

48. Because collective work is more important than the individual one.


49. Because there are still many opportunities for career evolution.

50. Because the company grows fast but everyone can still have a real impact.

51. Because with our new offices in New York and Berlin, we aim to replicate our success internationally.


52. Because we’re passionate about sharing our expertise.

53. Because everyone can bring their ideas to improve the product.

54. Because all PlayPlayers participate in the final stage of recruitment, the culture interview.

🧑🏽‍💻 Our teams 👩🏼‍💻

Customer Success

55. Because we work closely with the product team to build THE product that best meets the needs of our 1,500 customers.

56. Because we wrote hundreds of postcards by hand for our beloved customers.

57. Because we get a lot of love from our customers in return: “if PlayPlay stops, we go on strike! “.

58. Because we love our customers so much that we created a special PlayPlay personality test for them.

59. Because our clients are so varied that no training is alike.

60. Because we’re so passionate about video, we organize creative challenges between colleagues.

61. Because we have a very big culture of gif - panda preferably - and we put it everywhere.


62. Because in 2022, we’re going from 150 to 300 new recruits!

63. Because we recruit internationally.

64. Because we make sure our recruitment process is a two-way fit.

65. Because we make our PlayPlayers happy, our Glassdoor rating of 4.8/5 says it all!

66. Because we want to recruit various profiles: different personalities, backgrounds or nationalities.

67. Because we fill our “welcome boxes” with gifts for each new PlayPlayer.

68. Because we take the time to make sure you are successful as an individual with your career growth.


69. Because we already convinced the 2/3 of the CAC 40 and there’s more to conquer!

70. Because to celebrate our victories, we have a big loud gong!

71. Because it’s still nice to end the week with big smiles because we broke sales records.

72. Because ALL companies want to make video, and that’s good, we sell a video solution!

73. Because PlayPlay is an “easy” product to sell: the best product on the market and an exponential need.

74. Because every new lead counts and helps us grow.

75. Because we have strange sales names- SDR, BDR, AE, KAM and the possibilities of evolution are numerous.

76. Because we constantly give each other advice on how to progress.

77. Because there is a very strong focus on training so that recruits quickly achieve their goals.

78. Because we have a process that works, but are never opposed to improving the process with input from the team that works.


79. Because we totally rebranded our brand and now we shine like a diamond! 💎

80. Because what’s cooler than communicating about a video solution?

81. Because we have the resources to back our ambitions: the best tools, support from freelancers and agencies, regular training...

82. Because our CEO strongly believes in the power of marketing and content.

83. Because every year, we organize a “Content Summit” with the best social media, communication and video experts.

84. Because once a month, we eat breakfast together and spike your blood sugar level.

85. Because we share our content, growth, PMM and design knowledge in our deepdive marketing.


86. Because the product is at the heart of PlayPlay culture.

87. Because we work every day on an exciting product and our users always ask for more.

88. Because we have the ambition to become so much more than a video creation platform and to help all the actors of communication.

89. Because the product team speaks to its users every week to be aligned with their expectations.

90. Because our roadmaps are rich in innovations and new challenges.

91. Because our customers recommend our product to their network.

92. Because it’s an exciting product to work with and you get to create fun videos as part of your job!


93. Because a developer recently said, “This is the first time in my career that I’m not bored after 6 months”.

94. Because we can work on Front, Back, Ops, video rendering and creative dev!

95. Because we have one QA per squad and we really want to spread the culture of quality across all teams.

96. Because we know the pyramid of tests and we do unitary, integration, functional and “end to end”.

97. Because our motion design creations are used by thousands of users which generate millions of views.

98. Because we love when a user makes his first video and says with pride, “Wow, I did that?!”.

99. Because once a month, we organize Pizza Talks to deepen a topic led by a team member.

100. Because we do real TDD, we prepare our DDD architecture and we speak BDD.

For all these reasons, and for 1000 more, join PlayPlay!

All our offers are available here 👉🏼 https://jobs.lever.co/playplay?location=New York