13 Great Examples of Brand Videos to Help You Create Yours

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(Updated 06-12-2024)

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13 Great Examples of Brand Videos to Help You Create Yours

The Video Advantage: Trends & Strategies for Content Marketers 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. This ebook is designed to help you take advantage of the biggest content and video trends this year.

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An excellent brand video is not about having a complex storyline, a huge budget, and fancy video equipment.

Instead, it's about a clear narrative that passes one message to the audience in a fun and engaging way, plus a great use of visual elements.

In this article, we'll share thirteen of the best brand videos we've seen to guide your creative process.

What is a brand video?

A brand video is any video, short-form or long-form, that showcases visual elements — like your logo, brand name, and colors — and clearly communicates what your company cares about.

A brand video is more than fancy adverts and expensive PR promotions. It includes the 30-second product video you made with a cheap animation software tool, Instagram Live featuring your employees, recruitment videos, and so much more.

All of this conveys your brand values, personality, and messaging and helps you establish a strong brand identity. This is one of the key aspects of brand content, which aims at improving its image and generate awareness.

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The best 13 brand videos to inspire you

We scoured the internet for some of the most creative brand videos over time. Whether you have a small team or budget, you’ll find something inspiring on our list.

1. Buffer’s features recap video

Buffer does a great job of highlighting its tool’s latest features while drawing attention to its awesome remote culture.

The first thing you notice is the video’s beautiful landscape, showing that Buffer employees can work wherever they want. Then, Buffer’s Product Marketing Manager explains each new feature with quick walkthroughs of how they work. His tone is light-hearted and engaging, consistent with Buffer’s voice and tone for its blog posts and social media content.

The video ends with a slide showing the company’s brand name, logo, and colors.

2. Slite’s feature announcement video

What we love most about this video is how it shows off Slite’s visual identity without drawing attention from its core message. Slite doesn’t wait until the end of the video to introduce its visual elements. Instead, it embeds them throughout the video to establish a strong brand image early.

For example, Slite's pastel brand color is used for the video’s background. The font, text placement, and overall illustrations also match Slite’s typography and iconography. On top of that, the video introduces the brand name early for quick brand recognition. This is a good example of how your brand book can be embedded in your storytelling seamlessly.

In all, Slite’s video is a masterclass in balancing visual branding with product messaging.

3. Paystack’s quarterly roundup video

This video is human-first, from its narrative style to the brand identity presentation.

Instead of embedding visual elements like Slite or Buffer did, Paystack employees narrate the company’s quarterly milestones wearing branded merchandise. This shows that employees are an important part of Paystack’s brand image.

This is a subtle way to humanize the brand through brand storytelling. Specifically, it transforms the brand name, logo, and colors from abstract visual elements randomly plastered on a video background into something that humans can interact with. This makes it easier for the target audience to engage with the video and recognize the brand.

4. PlayPlay’s Content Summit video

This is a promotional video for PlayPlay’s Content Summit.

It opens with a quick footage of the event and brand name. Next, it gives a rundown of sessions the audience can expect and names participating brands— to whet their appetite. The video ends with the event date and registration link.

What makes this video great is how it passes important information quickly. It shares enough to pique the audience’s curiosity while providing a clear call to action to prompt them to take the next step.

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5. Vyond’s community champion video

Brand launch videos don’t have to be from your company or employee’s perspective every time. Tap into the power of customer reviews by letting your customers narrate their positive experiences with your brand.

Vyond does this excellently in this video. Apart from showing off its product with animation, it is presented from the point of view of one of Vyond’s community champions. They introduce themselves to the audience, talk about Vyond’s impact on their work, and highlight the benefits of participating in the community. User-generated video content (UGC) is a telling example of how you can level up your brand awareness.

Vyond doesn't highlight many brand elements because the animation is colorful. But it features the brand name and logo at the beginning and the end of the animation.

6. Thinkific’s product announcement video

This video from Thinkific starts out like a Lionsgate sci-fi movie — soundtrack, space suit, narrator, and all that good stuff. The opening scene captures the audience's attention and piques their curiosity: everyone wants to know where the setting and narration lead to.

Then, it quickly transitions into a product announcement with the Thinkfic logo and brand colors. The transition is smooth and introduces the brand and product naturally.

From this point, the video highlights the product features while alluding to the space context throughout. It brings both contexts together in the end: a space explorer standing beside the brand and product name.

What makes this video stand out is how it uses a familiar story setting to capture the audience’s attention and neatly connects this narrative to the product presentation.

7. Spotify’s summer internship video

People are more likely to believe your employees’ experiences with your organization versus your branded content videos. That’s something Spotify knows too well.

In this employer branding video, it hands the microphone over to its interns to show the audience what working at Spotify looks and feels like. We see them head to work and go about their day-to-day tasks. They also answer questions about their most surprising experience during the internship and share their best advice for future interns. Video interviews participate to humanizing your brand and putting your stakeholders upfront, which is always more compelling to viewers.

There are few visual elements in the video because of its authentic, human-first style. But it ends with a Spotify banner showing their logo and brand colors.

8. Coca-Cola’s Share A Coke campaign video

You can’t talk about brand videos without mentioning Coca-Cola’s Share A Coke campaign.

This video takes us through a dog’s search for its name on a Coke bottle. It goes through different scenes until it lands on a rooftop and spots its name on a billboard. The message is clear: there’s a Coke for everyone.

Although none of the characters speak throughout the video, it uses music and quick actions to tell a clear story and convey the message to Coca-Cola’s audience. The product placement in every scene aids brand recognition.

The video also showed that the Share A Coke campaign is not just about finding your name on a bottle but also about sharing and creating memories with loved ones.

9. Deel’s glossary video

This is a 75-second video explaining a key concept that Deel’s audience cares about.

The instructor, a woman, stands against a mono-colored background. She explains the term “employer of record” in a chit-chat pace. Her gestures, facial expressions, and actions make it seem like she's talking to people in the same room.

To keep the audience focused on the message, this video features little or no brand visual elements, Deel saved their logo for the end.

What we love about this video is how it passes its core message across without distracting the audience. As the audience learns about the product and the problems it can solve for them, they become familiar with the brand.

10. REI’s “Opt Outside” campaign

REI’s “Opt Outside” campaign is a great example of how a brand video can be used to promote a cause or message that is important to your company.

The campaign encourages people to spend time outdoors instead of shopping on Black Friday, and the brand video features stunning footage of people hiking, camping, and enjoying nature.

The video has helped the company build a strong brand reputation as an advocate for the environment and outdoor recreation.

11. HubSpot’s Q4 ad

This video shows HubSpot’s deep understanding of its target audience: salespeople. Sales folks face heightened anxiety and pressure in the last quarter of the year. Hubspot’s message is simple: Our tool solves the Q4 problem.

Each video scene helps the target audience visualize the excitement they will feel after crushing their Q4 targets. Beyond showing sales folks celebrating, the video taps into excitement beyond the office like a TikTok challenge simulation and news broadcast. This allows the audience to visualize how achieving their Q4 goals will impact life beyond the office.

The video ends by introducing HubSpot’s Sales Hub before showing the company’s logo and color.

12. Fenty’s The Culture of Skincare video

This video shows that Fenty caters to all skin tones and cultures. There is no voiceover or dialogue, just fast-paced music.

The video is made up of quick snapshots of people of all skin tones. They are happy and have a confident glow that comes with using a product that’s right for your skin. It ends with footage of the brand name.

Beyond the marketing messaging, Fenty’s video contributes to a larger conversation about discrimination in skin care, especially for People of Color. Tapping into important social conversations in your industry is a great way to convey the “why” of your brand.  

13. Hyundai Kona’s product information film

This video showcases the Hyundai Kona as a car that can take you anywhere and give you a shot at life. It features Hawaii’s stunning landscapes and cityscapes, along with the Kona's sleek design and advanced features.

Although there’s no voice-over, the footage and feature highlights convey the video’s message to its target audience clearly.


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The Video Advantage: Trends & Strategies for Content Marketers 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. This ebook is designed to help you take advantage of the biggest content and video trends this year.

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