Brochures and other text-based materials don’t always do justice to your brand intros. That’s where videos come in.

A company introduction video captures and amplifies brand elements that would have otherwise been overlooked in text.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create professional company introduction videos with PlayPlay plus examples to inspire you.

What is a brand intro video?

A brand intro video gives the audience an overview of your business.

Think of it like an elevator pitch — it will help the audience understand your values, product offering, and company culture and pique their interest to learn more about you. Anyone who watches your company introduction video should be able to explain what you do in a few words we talk about brand awareness video.

Companies make introduction videos to tell the world who they are and what they do. It's your way of saying, "Hey, we're here, and this is what we're all about." That way, people who align with your brand personality and need your product can discover and become your customers.

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10 examples of inspiring company introduction videos

Now that you know what a company introduction video is, it's time to see some of the best brand videos examples. You might be familiar with some of the videos on our list, but you'll also learn about new brands to help inspire your next introduction video.

1. Hisense’s journey through time

This video takes the audience through a timeline of Hisense’s existence to show the company's growth over the years.

It starts with 1969, when the company was established and moves on to other notable years — like 1993, when it officially changed its name to Hisense. From there, the video speeds up to show its present achievements, such as its vast product line and awards.

The video also gives the audience a peek into what Hisense's future might look like. At the end of this video, the audience has a better understanding of the company's history and feels like an important part of its future.

What we love most is how it tells a simple but compelling story that takes the audience on a journey through time.

2. We are Bolt

Bolt wanted to show how well the company lives up to its name. So, it created a video showing how much it has achieved in only a few years — from launching a grocery delivery service in one month to adding 500 employees during the pandemic.

The video format matches the Bolt theme, too. The clips rapidly transition into each other — it's easy to forget that there are quite a few speakers. And the background music is upbeat and lively.

Overall, this video does a great job of showing and telling Bolt’s rapid growth story.

3. PlayPlay product video

We always talk about how easy it is to create business videos with PlayPlay — and this video proves the point.

In the video, we see a character tasked with creating a video campaign with complex requirements and a tight deadline. This promptly highlights the pain point PlayPlay’s target audience struggles with.

The character goes on to create the video using PlayPlay. This doubles as a product walkthrough showing how easy and quick it is to use PlayPlay’s video creation and editing software.

The video ends with a call to action that encourages the viewer to try PlayPlay for themselves.

4. Whello’s agency introduction video

You don't need a complex script and visuals to tell your brand story. You can create a simple video that shows off the essence of your brand like Whello does here.

This video places text over corresponding video clips showing Whello’s team culture. There's no voiceover, but the background music and interesting clips keep the audience engaged throughout.

We love how the video ends with the brand logo, name, and solution statement. This is a great way to drive brand recognition.

5. Welcome to Deloitte

Although this video is publicly available, its target audience is Deloitte’s new employees.

It shows Deloitte’s mission and how the company has impacted its clients and overall industry so far. The video ends by asking the new hires what impact they'll make in the company. It's a motivational video that spurs new Deloitte employees to action.

The video format matches its aspirational theme. The background music is uplifting, and the video clips show people engaging in impactful work.

6. Umault's satirical company introduction video

Umault wants to show B2B companies a better way to do videos.

It opens with a typical B2B video scene: People in a conference room listening to a whiteboard presentation. The narrator, who is one of the video characters, explains the problem with the video setting.

Then, the clip quickly transitions to a fun and lively video clip that's much more interesting than what we saw earlier. The video ends with a clear call to action.

The contrasting clips create a before-and-after effect, which makes Umault's message clearer to the audience and spurs them to action.

What makes this video stand out is its use of satire and humor to pass a clear message.

7. TrueCar’s CEO welcome video

What do you expect from a CEO’s welcome speech?

A person in formal wear speaking in a professional and corporate tone that makes them appear more corporate than human. TrueCar’s CEO welcome video doesn't conform to this stereotype.

At first, you'll think you're about to watch another boring CEO video, but the dialogue and actions quickly reveal that TrueCar's culture is different. The CEO gets into comfortable, informal clothing and chats with the new hires like he's speaking to friends over lunch.

This is one of the many ways to transform your company culture and values from mere text on paper into actions that leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

8. Yes Education’s animated video

This animated video provides an overview of Yes Education’s history, products, and solutions for the target market.

It's a simple video that clearly communicates Yes Education’s mission and spurs the audience to learn more about the company.

The takeaway is: You don't need to have humans in your company video all the time. Experiment with other video formats, especially animation. It will save time and costs for video creation, and you can play with different ideas until you find the right fit.

9. Shireburn software corporate video

This video is a brand storytelling masterclass. It shows how Shireburn Software’s values positively impact every aspect of the company — from the work environment to its service delivery and employees.

The narrative not only provides the history and growth of Shireburn software but also highlights emotional aspects such as how much the company cares about its people. The video is founder-led, adding to its authenticity and credibility.

What we love most is how this video gives a 360-degree view of the company — its history, services, employees, and culture. It presents the brand story holistically, which makes it easier for the audience to connect with the company's mission.

10. Mustard's agency introduction video

This video takes the audience on a virtual tour of Mustard's office.

The tour guide doesn't say a word. Instead, the text on the screen does the talking and explains what the agency is all about.

The video clips lend credence to the statements. For example, when the text states that Mustard's is Melbourne's Number 1 Agency, the camera zooms in on the award plaque in the office.

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What should be included in a company intro video?

A professional branded introduction video has the following elements:

1. Brand visual identity

It relies on the implementation of your own brand book which reflects your visual identity. It is the easiest way for people to identify and recognize your brand.  So, you need to include them in your introduction videos and every brand content.

Use visual elements like your logo and colors in your video strategically. For example, the video’s opening and closing footage can be your brand name and color. Or you can use the logo as a watermark on all the video clips.

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2. A clear narrative

Have a specific message that you want to communicate with the video. It could be about your product offering, company values, or growth over the years.

When you’re clear on the message you want to pass across, it becomes much easier to string your video elements together to achieve that goal.

3. The right length

Your company introduction video should be relatively short, ideally between 1-3 minutes, to maintain viewer engagement.

Sometimes, it can be longer, as you’ll see from some of our examples. But when this is the case, ensure that you have an interesting story that engages the viewer throughout. Also, use humor and experiment with visual elements to capture your audience’s attention from start to finish.

For a shorter video, condense your message into a few punchy words to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

4. Audio elements

Audio elements should work hand-in-hand with your visuals to deliver an interesting brand narrative.

Say the video’s mood is light-hearted excitement; use quick and upbeat background music. And if there’s a narrator or voiceover, it should have a relatively high-pitched and cheerful tone. Note that it could take a video interview format.

How to create company introduction videos with PlayPlay

PlayPlay is the simplest way to create professional company introduction videos. If you’re a pro, you can create the video from scratch. Otherwise, use one of our templates or play around with the AI tool to speed up your video creation process.

Step 1: Sign up for a free PlayPlay account.

Step 2: Choose one of our three video creation options: Template, AI video assistant, or from scratch. We’re using the AI assistant for the tutorial.

How to create company videos introduction with PlayPlay

Step 3: Enter your prompt into the AI chatbox.

How to create company videos introduction with PlayPlay

Step 4: Click “create video”, and the AI will generate a professional company video in seconds.

How to create company videos introduction with PlayPlay using AI

Step 5: Add extra finishing touches to your video by editing the video’s elements. You can change text and color, and add your brand elements like logo, color, and typography to the video.

Step 6: That’s it! Your company introduction video is good to go. Share it with your team for review in the app, or upload it in a few clicks to your social accounts. It’s that simple!

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PlayPlay isn’t just for creating brand intro videos. It can serve all your video creation needs — from employee introductions to recruitment videos and product tutorials.

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