The 6 Types of Real Estate Videos Every Realtor Needs to Create

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(Updated 06-13-2024)

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The 6 Types of Real Estate Videos Every Realtor Needs to Create

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If you’re a marketer in the real estate industry, or an independent realtor, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your real estate marketing strategy. This can include boosting the reputation of your real estate agency, growing its credibility or, simply, to get more clients.

However, not everyone has got the fame potential of the Netflix: Selling Sunset cast.

What’s more, standing out among the crowded real estate market is no easy task. But there is one solution that might help you get noticed: creating real estate videos.

Did you know that video content has truly been revolutionizing the real estate market over the past few years?

If not, here’s some data that might surprise you:

But don’t take our word for it, check out these six real estate video ideas we’ve compiled for you — sprinkled with tips on how to make a successful institutional video for your real estate group.

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Create these 6 types of real estate videos

Let’s begin with the most popular type.

An “About Us” video that tells the story of your real estate agency

If your goal is to increase the popularity of your agency and to ensure more potential clients find you, an introduction video is the way to go.

Just like a regular “About Us” page, the aim of this type of video is to introduce your agency to the world, by telling viewers about key things such as:

  • How your real estate company was born
  • Where you operate
  • Where your expertise comes from
  • What your values are
  • Who your team members are
  • What your portfolio of real estate listings looks like

Example to follow: Colliers Eastern Europe

Why this video works:

  • 3D animations make the company come across as creative and modern
  • Bright colors and storytelling capture the audience’s attention
  • Infographic videos including text-based elements are easier to understand
  • The video describes the company’s values using keywords
  • Mentioning the awards and distinctions the company has received reassures their expertise
  • Using voiceover and introducing the team adds a human touch to the company.

Create expert videos that showcases your knowledge

Whether you are representing a company that specializes in property rental, new construction or property management, creating videos that showcase your expertise will help you stand out from the competition.

Here, the goal is to highlight every aspect that makes you knowledgeable in your field all while providing your audience with arguments that will make them choose your company over your competitors. The plus: Your company will stand out, but it's much more subtle than a commercial video or a video tutorial - which means more authentic.

Need inspiration? Here are some ideas you might want to implement depending on your specific industry:

  • Healthcare real estate: You could explain how your buildings and facilities are tailored for healthcare institutions all while mentioning how many similar projects you have already successfully completed. When sharing this kind of information, you create educational video content.
  • New construction: Describe the benefits of buying a newly built property and mention recent examples of successful sales. Creating this more instructional video and sales video will make prospects more likely to follow your new posts.
  • Corporate real estate: Establish your expertise by highlighting your knowledge of this specific aspect of real estate. Show how previous clients have made profit thanks to their investment in a mini documentary.
  • New real estate service or product: You're adding a service or a product to your portfolio? Spread it to your customers and prospects with a product launch video!

Example to follow: Sotheby’s International Realty

Why this video works:

  • The video starts with a strong statement
  • All images are of high-quality and show premium properties, further establishing the company’s positioning in luxury real estate
  • Animated typefaces and dynamic transitions catch the eye
  • The soundtrack is catchy
  • The entire video has a very luxurious feel
  • Its relatively short length allows the video to be easily shared on social media
  • The video features keywords such as “elevate”, “exceptional”, or “highest” which instill a sense of high-quality

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A guided tour video to promote specific properties

If you are looking to get more exclusive property listings, a guided house tour video will help you get more potential buyers — while getting the attention of prospective sellers.

It is a fact that video tours make it easier for both potential buyers and renters to project and get a better idea of the property you are advertising. This might make them get in touch to schedule an actual viewing more easily too.

Moreover, sellers will be able to see how well you promote a specific property. They might be encouraged to contact you about the place they are trying to sell and request their own video listing!

Example to follow: Partners Trust

Why this video works:

  • The video features some excellent, ad-focused storytelling
  • The actress playing the role of the current resident makes you feel relatable. Her welcoming presence gives the video a more human feel
  • Drone footage makes the video seem more modern
  • The soundtrack is extremely relaxing
  • The lighting conditions are ideal
  • The video doesn’t only showcase the property itself but also shows its surroundings
  • A final CTA encourages viewers to get in touch

A video to show the surrounding area of where a property is located

Prospective clients love watching videos that showcase the surroundings of a specific property and their benefits. After all, who wouldn’t want to picture themselves in their future neighborhood?

Generally speaking, such a video could showcase:

  • Nearby businesses and schools
  • Green spaces such as parks or playgrounds
  • Images of the neighborhood itself
  • Public transport options
  • The atmosphere of the area
  • Local events

What’s more, this type of video is perfect for your Youtube channel and can help with Google rankings on a local scale!

Example to follow: Keller Williams

Why this video works:

  • Testimonials by locals make your message more trustworthy
  • The video shows a lively, residential neighborhood
  • Drone shots make the video more modern
  • Showing schools and universities make it easier for families to imagine themselves living in that area
  • The final CTA drives viewers to the agency’s website

A tips and tricks video to educate your target audience

If you are trying to establish your company as an expert on specific real estate topics, a series of short “tips & tricks” videos can help you achieve this specific marketing goal.

There are 2 benefits to doing so: these videos will help you connect with your target audiences (buyers, sellers etc.) all while encouraging viewers to hire you for their specific real estate needs.

You might even want to go all in and publish content on a specific editorial schedule.

Some of the ideas you could implement include:

  • Videos showing home staging tips
  • Videos about news from the industry and new regulations
  • Videos that answer specific questions your target audience might have, such as: how to evaluate property value, when to put a property up for sale or how to get the best mortgage life insurance.

Example to follow: PLG Estates

Why this video works:

  • It has an engaging and catchy intro
  • It is short enough to be shared on social media
  • Its stripped-down format helps viewers focus on the content
  • The real estate expert triggers emotions using humor
  • He is using a microphone, which helps with sound quality
  • The video can be watched without sound as text-based elements highlight key information
  • A final CTA helps drive viewers to the agency’s social media accounts as well as related content
  • Overall, the video looks like it could have been made by a lifestyle YouTuber and might attract a young audience.

A testimonial video to leverage happy customers

A video showing happy clients is the ideal format to attract prospects looking to buy 0r sell.

As a real estate agent, you know that your own clients are your best ambassadors.

Leverage the relationship even more by interviewing them for a customer testimonial video, in which they can explain how your real estate business has been helpful.

Doing this will help you generate social media friendly content that you could also use on your website. What’s more, it will help you connect with your clients in a deeper way too.

Example to follow: Post & Company Real Estate

Why this video works:

  • This video features no less than 9 client testimonials, which makes the agency seem even more trustworthy
  • It also includes images showing the specific property each client is talking about
  • It alternates between simple shots of the clients and outdoor images of every property
  • The soundtrack is both upbeat and emotional
  • The agency’s clients can easily be identified
  • The video is straightforward and short enough to be shared on social media

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Congrats!  We hope you enjoyed reading this guide to real estate content — you are now ready to make your own successful video. Who knows… Selling Sunset might be in touch soon!

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Melissa Francois

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With over 10 years of experience in the wild world of SaaS, Melissa cares about building great brand stories and driving community engagement through engaging content. Off the clock, she enjoys long walks and a pint in a cozy country pub.

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