Keeping employees motivated, engaged, and on the same page is vital to an organization’s success. How to do that in a world of remote work, hybrid work, and ever-increasing complexity?

Creating high-quality videos for internal communications is one way successful businesses ensure that employees stay connected and, ultimately, keep the business moving forward. A strong internal communications strategy includes high-quality video, and the potential benefits can’t be ignored.

When employees, even geographically dispersed ones, feel connected to the business, it improves recruitment and promotes a positive brand image, helping businesses compete for talent in a fierce market and retain dedicated employees longer. In fact, the Harvard Business Review discovered that, when businesses step up their engagement initiatives, turnover decrease by 25 %

Read on for a step-by-step guide to making internal communications videos shine.

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Why create internal comms videos?

Most employees have to contend with a daunting inbox, business phone systems that are constantly buzzing, and a full calendar of meetings on any given day. Making sure your internal communication strategy commands the attention it deserves can be a struggle when employees have so many demands on their time.

That’s where video comes in.

48% of all employees say that video is the most engaging form of communication , and it’s easy to see why. Email and text-based employee communication can be quickly glossed over and erased, but a memorable video engages the senses and is hard to ignore.

Plus, more and more people are becoming used to consuming their content via video thanks to ubiquitous social media apps – why not communicate with employees using the medium they enjoy the most?

Luckily, putting together an effective internal communication video is easier than ever, not to mention cost-effective.

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How to create internal communication videos: a step-by-step guide

Step #1: Define your video's objective

When creating any form of video communication, it helps to start with a clear objective. Before you do anything else, get to the bottom of exactly what your video is trying to share. Having a defined messaging will make it easier to make decisions later on. Make sure you know the key message you want viewers to leave with.

Step #2: Write your script

Once you know what employees need to get from your video, it’s time to write a video script. Keep in mind that, although video is engaging, it still helps to keep things brief. Short and to-the-point is best, and a little storytelling can help your audience memorize your message even better. A tip: summarizing key information at the end of the video helps drive the point home. Internal communication works best when it’s a two-way street; tell employees why the information matters to them.

Step #3: Prepare your equipment

This is where you need to gather your materials—the cameras, microphones, and lights that make a high-quality, professional-looking video.

There are lots of factors at play when selecting equipment, including budget, resources, and availability, so do your best to find quality equipment that meets your specific needs.

It’s important to remember that equipment isn’t just the physical objects required or a video shoot, but the editing software that will turn your footage into a slick, watchable video. That’s where PlayPlay can help. It doesn’t take any technical know-how to design high-quality videos using the tool. In fact, PlayPlay was designed with communications teams in mind.

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Step #4: Record your footage

Action! This is when the planning stage ends and the capturing stage begins.

  • Make sure you record footage in a good location, with proper light and without too much background noise.
  • Before you start to record in earnest, do a test run and ensure that everything’s in working order.
  • Don’t rush: take multiple shots or record several takes to get it right, especially if you are conducting interviews. People feel more relaxed when they know they have ample time.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to shoot some B-roll—videos feel more professional with a few establishing shots thrown in.

Step #5: Edit your footage into a catchy video

Now that you have the footage you need, it’s time to trim that down into a short and sweet branded video that will capture employees’ attention. This is where it helps to refer back to your script from step two—staying closely aligned with your original script will ensure the video doesn’t become overly long or veer from the intended point.

However, don’t forget to play! Adding transitions to make the video flow more naturally in one way to spice up the finished product. So is a great musical score, as well as a good voice-over if needed.

As always, subtitles are an important element that help more people engage with the video.

And don’t forget to finish with a final CTA—here is where you can state your point one last time and make sure everyone who watches your video knows what to do next.

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Step #5: Share!

Consider this your video’s red-carpet premiere! Now’s the time to post the video on all the channels your employees go for communications, be that a company Intranet, internal newsletters, or an email link. Sit back and wait for the rave reviews.

Need Inspiration?

Here are a few examples of internal communications videos that did a great job by sharing vital information in a straightforward, engaging way.

This internal communication video from H&M looks like a fashion ad – fitting for a retailer that likely has a lot of fashion-forward employees. The video creates a visually striking statement about the company culture and core values – notice how the video ends by reiterating what those values are.

This video, from PlayPlay itself, proves that a great internal communications video content doesn’t need to be long. This brief video tells new employees exactly what they need to know, accompanied by an uplifting soundtrack and bright, bold text.

This video from Jones DesLauriers takes a simple premise – asking employees fun questions about their workplace—and turns it into a great internal communication video that is likely to build comradery and boost employee engagement. Sometimes, keeping it simple works best.

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