You know that feeling after reading text where all the important stuff is nicely highlighted in bold?

That feeling where you can actually remember the information you read clearly - and it will likely stick with you.

That’s what PlayPlay’s Dynamic Elements will do for your videos.

Our users can now make personalized and memorable videos for their audience by adding key elements where they want it, when they want it, and for the duration they desire.

That way, viewers will know exactly what to focus on, and what to remember.

Elevate your videos with Dynamic Elements on PlayPlay

Videos are better than text or static images for storytelling: viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text.

Videos help get your messages across better, and in a more engaging way. Yet, even with video, messages can sometimes get cluttered, so you need to make sure that your viewers remember the key information instead of feeling overloaded.

Same as you would with bold text, you need to add pointers to your videos to highlight the key moments and messages. And this is where dynamic elements come in.

You can now add text, icons, emojis, shapes and media wherever you want on your video, at the desired time and for a chosen duration. And you can do all of this, directly in your project on PlayPlay.

Increase the engagement on your interviews and how-to videos

PlayPlay’s Dynamic Elements assists in making your videos more engaging and understandable.

With Dynamic Elements, you can be sure that your viewers will easily identify key moments, and understand the message you’re conveying via video. No more passive listening or zoning out: your interviews, walkthrough videos, training videos, how-to videos, or product demonstrations are easy to follow and comprehend.

With highlighted key messages and moments, your video becomes more dynamic. And thus, it’s easier to catch and retain viewer’s attention, resulting in more engagement.

Dynamic Elements also help make videos more accessible for all, even with sound off.

And the icing on the cake: you can do it all without needing professional editing skills.

PlayPlay’s Dynamic Elements feature provides:

  • A user-friendly and flexible interface to add elements anywhere on a video, at anytime.
  • A rich selection of ready-to-use texts, lists and numbered templates featuring PlayPlay’s high-quality motion design. All you need to do is choose the elements you like, and use them. With no time lost, you can focus on your message.
  • An intuitive timeline where users can easily adjust the dynamic element’s time frame, appearance and duration.

Create videos that are truly you

It is time to say “goodbye” to impersonal long videos that leave viewers confused and unsure of what information to retain, and “hello” to always highlighting the key information your way.

Your corporate branding is automatically applied in every element. You can still rotate, resize, flip, or change the font and color for each dynamic element. You have control over everything, all from one intuitive interface.

With Dynamic Elements, give your videos a unique feel and show your brand’s unique voice in a video that looks even more like you.

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