When it comes to communications, storytelling plays a crucial role. Whether it's interacting with employees or reaching out to customers, creating a narrative that resonates with the audience can significantly enhance engagement and real understanding.

In this blog post, we give you the highlights from our fireside chat with Glassdoor’s Senior Manager of Internal Communications, Nponano Maikori, and PlayPlay's Marketing Communications Advisor, Tyler Lederer-Plaskett, from the Ragan’s Future of Communications Conference.

During our session, we've pulled back the curtain on the art of storytelling in business communications, and detailing how your organization can use video to create a strong and resonant brand – both internally and externally.

The power of video in internal & external comms

A major component of Glassdoor’s storytelling strategy has been the incorporation of video content. Recently, integrating this engaging communication tool when launching their new app, the GlassStore.

Instead of relying solely on the traditional press kit or text-based communications, Glassdoor created a 'sizzle reel' – a short, compelling video that highlighted new features and happenings in the app. The result? A tool that succinctly answered all press and media enquiries while providing an engaging insight into what customers could expect from Glassdoor.

"Video touches people wherever they are, and functions as a potent engagement tool."

How to engage with colleagues through video

Another interesting use of video at Glassdoor has been in the context of their Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Established two and a half years ago, ERGs have been using video to showcase their work and share insights during monthly town halls. For example, in October Glassdoor’s EMEA team celebrated UK Black History Month by highlighting female change-makers who had inspired them.

These video-led stories not only bolster internal ties with their employees, but also resonate with potential job applicants who are curious about the culture at Glassdoor. In echoing the voices of their employees, Glassdoor built a credible and organic narrative which reflects the brand's ethos — and this holds immense value for both current and prospective employees.

Structuring a video-driven communication strategy

Creating a video-driven communication strategy isn't just a case of going in all guns blazing. While it's easy to get swept up by the engaging nature of video, it's essential to balance this with more conventional mediums such as email. A blend of different communication channels is often the most effective approach as it caters to various types of user engagement.

For those working with small or in-experienced teams on tight budgets, investing in user-friendly, cost-effective video editing software like PlayPlay can be a game-changer. Such tools allow you to quickly create engaging videos and gain vital metrics to argue for more resources.

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Metrics matter

Knowing what metrics should be tracked when it comes to video content is crucial. Beside conventional social media analytics, engagement rates on internal messages can play a significant role. Quick surveys and polls shared immediately after releasing a video can provide valuable feedback on the user experience.

Best practices for seamless and consistent distribution

When it comes to distribution, every organization has its unique needs and strategy. However, having a judicious blend of communication channels is generally recommended. Be it video, written content, social media, emails — ensure no one medium is ignored or excessively used.

With ever-changing platforms and trends, it's essential to remain flexible and adjust your distribution strategy as necessary.

Video storytelling is more than a tick-box exercise

Our conclusion? Storytelling, especially through video, is a powerful way to engage your audience. Whether it's an internal email or a public-facing social media post, every piece of content tells a story about your brand, and using video for this will enhance it.

And remember, always listen to your audience's needs and respond thoughtfully to significantly elevate the power of your brand's story, ensuring it resonates both internally and externally.

"Remarkable storytelling makes your brand more than just a name — it turns your brand into an experience."