Recruitment was a tedious process filled with monotonous job ads for a long time. Then the war for talent started.

Now, prospective employees have many options, and companies need to show why they are the best place for candidates. Boring, bland ads will not cut it anymore. Companies need a more creative way to get in front of prospective candidates and attract top talent.

The best way? Creating employee recruitment videos. A well-crafted recruitment video gives candidates a genuine feel of your company’s culture while providing them with all they need to know about the role.  

This article highlights twenty of the best employee recruitment videos to inspire your recruitment process.

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What is an employee recruitment video?

An employee recruitment video is exactly what it sounds like — a call for application in video format.

But more than reeling out the job responsibilities or what type of candidates qualify to apply, a recruitment video is like an elevator pitch. It tells candidates why your organization is the right place for them and gives them a feel of your company's values and culture.

Benefits of employee recruitment videos

Making employee recruitment videos might seem overkill at first. But investing time into creating engagement-worthy videos will transform your recruitment process and your business in the long run.

1. It improves the quality of applications you receive

Recruitment videos communicate more context than traditional job ads, which helps candidates understand job scope and expectations clearly and better tailor their applications to these expectations.  

Most traditional job ads read like arbitrary wishlists with vague responsibilities and skill requirements. With a video, you can clarify these requirements and duties, so candidates know exactly what you’re looking for and what is a deal breaker for the role.

Receiving better-quality applications shortens your recruitment process. It eliminates the time spent sifting through poorly-fit applications or the need to repost the job ad because none of the applicants was a good fit.

2. It helps you reach more people

Employee recruitment videos have a wider reach than generic job listings. The more people you reach, the larger and more diverse the applicant pool will be.

In addition to job boards, you can share recruitment videos on social media. Videos drive more shares and engagements on social media platforms than other content formats. It is like a ripple effect — you share the video on your social media account, your teammates repost it to their personal pages, and hundreds of thousands of people engage with it before you know it.

3. It helps you build a strong employer brand

In today’s competitive job market, hiring is very much like marketing. You need a strong employee brand to stand out and attract top candidates. Glassdoor’s survey shows that “50% of candidates would not work for a company with a bad reputation, even for a pay increase.”

You can make a great first impression on young candidates with college recruitment videos. This is a chance to describe your company's work culture, communicate your brand values, and inform potential applicants about the career growth opportunities in your organization.

Even though not everyone who sees your job application will apply, it pays to leave the right impression on them.

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The best recruitment videos we have seen and why we love them

Listed below are twenty of the best recruitment videos that had us saying, “Hell yeah! ”

1. Buffer’s Growth Product Manager Recruitment Video

What we love most about this video is its simple, human-to-human approach.

The hiring manager clearly explains the job perks, the most important skill they’re looking out for, and the salary range, giving potential candidates the most important pieces of information they need to make an informed decision.

Something else worthy of note is how the video demonstrates Buffer’s work culture. The hiring manager shot the video from the comfort of his home while holding his daughter. This is perhaps the biggest sign that Buffer values work-life balance and is committed to creating an environment where employees thrive without unnecessary corporate pressure.

This video was hugely successful, receiving more than 3,000 applications.

@bufferapp We’re hiring a Growth Product Manager! Apply now at #buffer #techjob #productmanager #hiring #4dayworkweek #remotejob #remotework ♬ Canyons - Official Sound Studio

2. Let’s Get Digital Interview-style Recruitment Video

Let’s Get Digital takes storytelling and acting to a new level in this video. It creatively captures the company’s fun, exciting, and somewhat edgy culture.

The video is set like an unconventional interview. It starts with “the interviewee,” who is en route to Let’s Get Digital’s office. When they arrive, Let’s Get Digital employees take them through multiple unconventional scenes like “a family living in the office” and a “German party.” These scenes show that the company has a diverse team and strives for work-life balance.

The funny dialogue and the employees’ excellent acting skills are a perfect wrap to this beautiful package!

3. Fort Worth Police “Car Ad” Recruitment Video

Fort Worth’s Police Department had more than 100 positions to fill in a competitive market, so they knew they had to try a more creative recruitment process to capture candidates’ attention.

They created a fun and conversational recruitment video that feels like an ad for used cars. The video starts with “Big B” listing some of the qualities of their ideal candidate before showing why Fort Worth is a great place to work.  

This video was hugely successful, receiving more than 1,000 applications.

4. Veed’s Company Culture Video

While not explicitly a recruitment video, Veed’s video provides a detailed insight into the company’s “why.”  

In the video, Veed’s co-founder shares a personal story about how the idea of Veed was born. He shares the company’s wins and struggles over its growth timeline and shows how their work and culture have evolved.

What we love most about this video is its first-person narrative style that draws applicants in. It lets prospective applicants picture how their skills will fit into the company. It also showcases Veed’s remote culture.

5. IBM’s Employee-first Recruitment Video

The first thing you will notice is how authentic this video is.

Rather than hearing about IBM's opportunities from a hiring manager, different employees share their first-hand experience at the company. They talk about what led them to the company, their job, and the opportunities they have enjoyed since day one.

The video also does an excellent job of showcasing IBM as a constantly innovating and evolving company. It paints IBM as a place where employees can have a real impact. This is an important message to send to prospective candidates, as many people are looking for a job where they can make a difference.

6. New Zealand Post’s Walkthrough Recruitment Video

New Zealand Post creates a simple walkthrough video to advertise its open role.

What the video lacks in the human element, it makes up for in music, animation, and fun transitions. Even better is how this video communicates the message quickly and clearly.

7. Google’s “How We Hire” Video

In this video, two Google recruiters give insight into Google’s recruitment process and what the team looks out for at every stage of recruitment. Their goal is to show how thorough and objective the recruitment process is so everyone gets a fair chance at success.

They also go the extra mile to burst some popular myths that might discourage interested persons from applying for open roles at the company.

8. Adobe’s Technical Account Manager Recruitment Video

We love how this video provides key information about the job role from an employee’s perspective and demonstrates Adobe’s remote work culture.

Rather than having a hiring manager reel out the job description, Adobe’s technical account management team members share what their job entails, highlighting the core skills for anyone who wants to succeed in this role.

9. HubSpot’s Company Culture Video

This video focuses on why Hubspot is a great place to work. It starts with a recruiter who gives a background of the company’s work and discusses Hubspot’s values and how they consciously create a healthy and collaborative work environment.

Then, it transitions to different employees who share their first-hand experience of what life at Hubspot is all about. Overall, the video does a great job of showing the Hubspot culture and getting potential applicants excited about career opportunities at the company.

10. Indeed’s “Day in the Life” Video

This Indeed video highlights the company’s culture through the lens of a freelance graphics designer.

This is one of the best ways to show prospective employees what their work at the company will look like and prepare their minds ahead of time. It also allows potential candidates to experience the Indeed culture in real time.

11. Listrak’s Employee-led Recruitment Video

Instead of letting a hiring manager highlight its company values, Listrak does something better — it asks employees to describe Listrak in one word.

This is an authentic way to show prospective applicants that the company’s values aren’t just something they have on their website. Instead, these values are ingrained into Listrak’s culture and upheld in their day-to-day work.

We also love the video’s fast-paced, humorous style. It shows that Listrak is a fun, collaborative, and diverse environment that empowers employees to do their best work.

12. Close’s Head of Growth Recruitment Video

This video showcases Close as a fun and quirky workplace. It kicks off with bloopers which pique the curiosity of anyone watching.

Then, the hiring manager dives into explaining what Close is, how it works, and why the Head of Growth role is essential. They sneak in some GIFs to re-emphasize the video’s light-hearted tone. They also explain core job responsibilities and wrap up by highlighting some of Close’s unique selling points.

13. Barclays’ Ad-style Video

It’s easy to get caught up in highlighting your company’s values in recruitment videos, so Barclays takes a different route. Its 1-minute recruitment video brilliantly sends a strong message to competitors and prospective applicants.

For competitors, it lets them know that Barclays is winning the war for talent. And for applicants, the video shows that Barclays is the home for A-listers from diverse backgrounds.

14. Enova’s Employee-led Recruitment Video

Enova’s message is simple: Life is short. Work someplace awesome. In this video, Enova employees share what life at the company is like. They talk about why they love their jobs (and the company) and highlight the company’s values.

This isn’t a typical corporate video. The tone is fun and light-hearted, and it even shows bloopers from behind the scenes.

15. Microsoft’s Impact-led Video

Microsoft wants prospective candidates to know how much impact their work will make on the world. And it communicates that clearly with this employee-centered recruitment video.

In this video, current employees share their journey and experiences with the company. They talk about how much they’ve grown and how the company supports their career goals.

Overall, this video gives potential recruits a great look at what it’s like to work at Microsoft and why it’s such a great place to work.

16. Meta’s “Life at Meta” Video

There’s no better way to capture potential employees’ interests than showing them what their day-to-day might look like at your organization. And this recruitment video from Meta achieves the goal.

It gives prospective candidates a behind-the-scenes look and feel of what it’s like to work at Meta. At the same time, current employees share their experiences of what “life at Meta” is like so far — they directly address some of the objections that might prevent potential candidates from applying for the role.

The video does an excellent job of highlighting the company’s collaborative and innovative culture. It shows potential recruits why Meta is a great place to work.

17. Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Thriller-style Video

There’s very little difference between this video and a Netflix Thriller — the storytelling, camera shots, acting, and background music are all on point!

The video opens with a remote intelligence agency tracking a man on a train. Then, it introduces a CSIS employee who walks us through their job. They talk about the skills, responsibilities, and types of people who can thrive in CSIS’s work environment.

What we love about this video is how it takes us beyond the four walls of an office and shows how CSIS’s work impacts the world.

18. Walmart’s “Work-Life Balance” Video

Walmart wants applicants to know it prioritizes diversity and work-life balance.

In this 30-second recruitment video, a Walmart employee walks us through their experience so far at the company. They talk about the degree of flexibility the job offers and how Walmart provides career advancement opportunities. They also talk about the sense of community and how Walmart creates room for diverse candidates.

All of this comes together to create an incredibly effective recruitment video. It is clear that Walmart is a great workplace, with many career growth and development opportunities.

19. Luke Soanes Media Direct Ad

This 1-minute recruitment video from Luke Soanes is simple and direct. It goes straight to the point and shares core information about the role, like the experience level required and job responsibilities.

In a true media company fashion, Luke Soanes infuses a catchy soundtrack and clips to engage the audience throughout the video.

20. Foundation Marketing’s Recruitment Video

While this video doesn’t directly highlight job requirements or responsibilities, it subtly explains Foundation Marketing’s culture and some of the values the company looks out for when hiring.

The video features the agency’s founder, Ross Simmonds, who gives an overview of his journey into tech and some of the hard and soft skills that will help anyone thrive in an internet-driven world and, by extension, Foundation Marketing.

Win the talent war with engaging recruitment videos

Creative recruitment videos can make your organization stand out in a sea of traditional job ads. You will attract a wider pool of qualified candidates, and you can find the best fit for your team on time. Discover our article on how to make a job offer to make sure the best candidates choose your company !

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