With an increasingly competitive recruitment world and millennials cherry-picking jobs, it’s getting more and more difficult for companies to hire.

Did you know one of the first and most important things you can do to gain a competitive edge is to create a solid recruiting video?

As we all know, when it comes to effective content formats: video reigns supreme. And this rings even more true when it comes to recruitment content.

Now if you’re wondering how to make a recruiting video, read on to learn why they are crucial for attracting the right talent, but also what makes a good recruitment video.

Why create recruitment videos? 💡

When it comes to hiring, a recruitment video helps you stand out – allowing you to creatively blow your own trumpet to attract the right talent.

To begin with, recruitment videos show your company’s human side. They give an inside scoop into the people who steer the business, a look at the daily life of employees, and the values you stand by. All these are touchpoints that a text-based job advert can’t capture accurately.

In fact, video-based job postings get 12% more views and have a 34% greater application rate than those without videos. Translation: recruitment videos attract applications.

Not to forget, these videos can be fairly simple to make, share, and repurpose.

With the right video creation tools, creating a recruitment video becomes a breeze. Even better, if you’re using templates to create your video, you can save a lot of time.

On top of that, you can easily share the video on your website, social channels, employers review sites, and on your job pages. Even employees won’t hesitate sharing an engaging video about their workplace on their social profiles.

Elements of a good recruitment video 🎬

Let’s start with how to make a recruitment video by looking at the winning elements:

  • A good recruitment video is clear and concise

It gets straight to the point – introducing the company, culture, value, and employees without being a drag.

  • It provides essential information about the company and the role

The gist of a recruitment video is to tell the viewers what your business is about and what’s it like to work with you. This helps prompt the ideal candidate to apply and saves you time in making lengthy introductions at the interview table.

  • The video highlights the company’s uniqueness

Whether it’s work-life balance or friendly work culture that is a business’s unique point, a good recruiting video showcases it well. How? By showing it in action.

  • It offers a glimpse into the company culture

All stellar recruitment videos showcase company cultures well – something that a typical job description can’t do so with words alone.

  • It’s packed with employee testimonials

Captivating recruitment content don’t just humanize businesses with a talking head interview with the CEO, but share employee testimonials too. Why? Because social proof is a powerful factor that helps candidates decide in favor of applying for your open position.

The 8 best practices for creating compelling recruiting videos 🎥

Now that you know what makes a top notch recruitment video, let’s dig into 8 best practices that will help you create the perfect one.

1. Make sure you include key information and highlight FAQs

Start with making notes on what you have to feature in your video. This checklist is a handy one – add or remove pointers from here as needed:

  • An introduction to your business
  • Business principles you stand for
  • A day in the life of your employees
  • Employee testimonials/interview
  • Your company culture
  • Your value proposition

You’ll also want to anticipate questions that potential candidates may have, such as what your company culture is like. Zendesk does this best.

Getting the FAQs out of the way before the interview gives you more time to assess the ideal candidate and their fit for your company.

2. Write a script before you shoot

A video script is a roadmap of actions and dialogue. It’s here that you brainstorm, plot, and finalize your ideas until you get a distilled outline of what you want to show in your video.

Here’s a complete guide to writing a video script including the questions you need to ask to get started.

3. Include subtitles (always!)

No headphones? No problem. You can make it easy for your ideal candidate to watch your video no matter where they are physically by adding subtitles.

In fact, you can get 80% of the viewers to watch the entire video with captions in place.

4. Ensure good sound quality & include the right music

If you’ve invested in good video quality, there’s no reason to compromise with the standard of your video’s sound.

One key reason is because viewers are less likely to retain a message that’s delivered in poor sound quality.

You’ll also want to make sure the music you include in your recruiting video reflects your business’ personality and supplements your message. For example, if you’ve a lively culture, an upbeat tune will do you good.

Additionally, keep in mind: music should engage viewers, not distract them. So reduce the volume as someone speaks as in this video.

5. Avoid using vague buzzwords

Buzzwords can mislead your video’s purpose by failing to answer questions that your audience has. A good way to address this by being specific.

Write a script before shooting your video to help you identify jargon and generalization.

Not sure if you’ve added buzzwords to your script? Read the script aloud sentence for sentence. If any sentence isn’t clear, doesn’t add value, or uses words like ‘solutions,’ ‘innovative,’ ‘generalist,’etc. - get rid of it.

6. Be authentic

Being real attracts talent. It tells applicants you’re genuine, truthful, and transparent. Your recruitment video should reflect the same.

Here’s how: show your company’s good, bad, and the ugly. For example, recall a struggling period and tell how you emerged from it.

What’s more, don’t just zoom in on your CEO as they alone can’t tell employee experiences. Instead, let employees narrate their experience with you as Dropbox does in their hiring video:

7. Keep it short and punchy

According to Skill Scout, The average time candidates spend on watching recruitment videos is 1 minutes and 36 seconds. So try and create videos no longer than 2-5 minutes.

With that said, it’s crucial you jump straight to the point with a hook.

A hook is an interesting opening point that immediately catches your viewer’s attention. For instance, begin with an engaging question or use an arresting image of employees having fun.

8. Include a call to action (CTA)

Don’t forget to add an action item at the end of your video to direct viewers to apply for the job and send their resume. Keep your CTA clear and short: use 3-5 words to instruct them of the next steps.

Here’s a pro tip: use power words such as ‘easy,’ ‘final, ‘value,’ and ‘fast’ in your CTA as these words are psychologically proven to encourage action. Or, better yet, sprinkle them throughout your video’s script to inspire action.

Over to you 👊

From what makes a video worth watching to how to make a recruiting video, we’ve given you all the details. The ball’s in your court now. So what are you waiting for? Start shooting to attract the best candidates for your company.