Training events for employees. Conferences with high-profile speakers. Glitzy product launches. Recruitment fairs. Online webinars.

As a business owner, chances are you’ve hosted several events over the years.

Your one fear when hosting events? Low registrations.

The best way to boost your registrations is by creating videos for your event.

Pre-event teaser video. Post-event wrap-up videos. Live streaming the event. The possibilities are endless.

Videos are an excellent way to build FOMO in your audience, build a strong relationship with them, and sell your tickets ASAP.

You can reach a far bigger audience through an event recording video then you ever could with just in-person attendees.

One caveat?

Your event video needs to be irresistible. It needs to evoke the right emotions. It needs to excite and intrigue your audience. And it needs to go viral to reach maximum eyeballs.

This post will teach you how to create a catchy event video. Let’s dive in.

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Why are event videos important for your business?

But first, why exactly are event videos important?

To boost event registrations

You’ve planned a great event. From the venue to securing exciting sponsorships and engaging speakers, everything is decided. Now, you need to work on getting maximum registrations.

This is where an event teaser video comes to the rescue.

Create an optimized video for your event and promote it organically and through paid advertisement on social media. Drive that audience towards your website’s registration page and convert them.

This is exactly what Fixated Events did.

Limitless, Financial Freedom Expo, drove $92,845 worth registrations by promoting event videos on Facebook.


To promote future events

86.4% of organizers planned to maintain or increase the number of in-person events in 2024 compared to 2023.

The best way to promote an upcoming brand is by posting videos of your past successful events and giving your attendees a glimpse of what awaits them. Intrigue them. Excite them.

A video that highlights the success of your previous events also helps to attract high-profile keynote speakers and sponsors.

To build brand awareness

Event videos are instrumental in building brand awareness.

The event’s atmosphere, the raw emotions and testimonials of attendees, the powerful speeches, the high-profile sponsors, snippets of your products and services – when you capture all of this on a video and share it with your audience, you’re giving the audience an insight on what your brand is all about.

And the more viral it goes on social media, the more brand awareness you get.

PlayPlay allows you to choose from a wide variety of fully-customizable event video templates to engage your viewers that can fit whatever you envision for your brand communication strategy.

4 steps for creating an irresistible event video

You realize creating a powerful event video is essential for your brand. Here’s what to do next.

Step 1 - Get clear on your why and who

Start off with identifying your goal for your next event video.

Do you want to:

  • Attract high-profile speakers for the next sessions?
  • Increase registrations for the current event?
  • Or do you want to gate the video and use it to capture leads?

Next, narrow down your target audience. Ask yourself:

  • What kind of content do they prefer?
  • Which social platforms do they hang out on?
  • What are their pain points?
  • And how will your event solve these pain points?

Remember, an event video for Gen Z will be very different from one that’s for boomers.

Step 2 -  Decide the style and sequence of your video

Do you want to show all the clips in a chronological order, start off strong with a powerful quote from the keynote speaker, or simply create a TED Talk-style video?

Be crystal clear on the type of video you want to create.

Step 3 - Shoot the right kind of video content

Make a list of all the important scenes you want to include in your video. You could include:

  • Raw testimonials from real people, like your attendees, speakers, sponsors or organizers
  • Short teaser-style interviews of your speakers
  • Snippets of high impact keynotes and speaker sessions
  • Close-up shots of attendees registering and taking their seats
  • Engagement from attendees and crowd shots
  • Shots of the venue, it’s set-up and the decor you used
  • Lots of fun B-roll

This will help you map your location, prepare your crew in advance, decide if extra lighting and audio is necessary, and be well prepared to take all the shots required.

Don’t have a lot of video and audio equipment? Or hosting a small event?

You can use your smartphone to shoot, as well.

Step 4 - Edit the video

You’ve got great raw footage. Now it’s time to edit it and turn it into a viral-worthy event video. From color-correction and audio editing to transitions, there’s a lot of things you can do in post-production to create a powerful event video.

When editing, keep the following tips in mind,

  • Keep the video short and succinct.
  • Start off with a strong intro like an impactful quote from a speech, strong data from the event, or even a vibrant text overlay.


  • Edit the video for multiple social media platforms according to their preferred requirements, i.e. vertical, horizontal, square or story format.
  • Use dynamic camera angles and quick cuts to instantly grab attention.
  • Create opening intros and closing outros with your logo, social media handles, and other branding elements you’d like to add to the video.
  • Don’t forget to add subtitles. Studies show that 80% of viewers are more likely to finish a video with subtitles.
  • End with a strong outro and a high-converting CTA like “Sign up now!”, “I want to attend!”, “Book your spot”.

5 tried and tested tips to create an event video recording that wows your audience

Here are some tried and tested tips to help you create a viral-worthy event video.

Use numbers in your content

750 attendees. 10 high-profile speakers. 20+ industry leaders sponsoring. 2 days of networking events. 3 round table conferences.

Numbers instantly add credibility to your event video and convey high impact information to your audience as succinctly as possible.

If you’re creating an event teaser, visual countdowns like a timer and ticket discounts are a great way to incorporate numbers in your video. They also help with creating FOMO and boost registrations.

For post-event marketing videos, testimonials, number of attendees, agenda highlights, total revenue generated, the number of satisfied attendees, or awards received are also powerful ways to incorporate numbers.

Highlight high-profile speakers

When attending an event, what are you most excited about?

Yes, free food is great.

But nothing more exciting than the anticipation of listening to a personality you’ve been following for a long time.

As a marketer, you’ve managed to rope in high-profile speakers and personalities for your event. It's time to leverage their popularity. When creating event video, teasers or post-event, dedicate a few clips to introduce high-profile speakers that will be speaking at the event.

Add a short description on their notable projects, achievements, and a one-sentence summary of their expertise to the event video. Use text overlays or narration to share details of speakers.

Here’s an example PlayPlay created to promote their speakers at the annual Content Summit marketing conference to their audience.

Show real people as much as possible

Capturing unscripted moments of event attendees, speakers, and organizers is one the best ways to show the authenticity of your event. It makes your event feel more human and more personalized for the attendees.

Take a mic and go to attendees. Ask them what their favorite part of the event is, their favorite speaker, and if they plan to attend next year.


Film audience’s tears, laughter, and other raw reactions to the speaker sessions. These clips will all come handy when editing the event video.

Studies show that videos packed with emotions are 2x likely to go viral, so get that emotional footage and let it tug at the viewers heartstrings.

Make sure every scene is impactful in the short video

8 seconds. That’s the attention span of your average viewer. If you want them to watch your entire event video, you need to ensure each scene captivates from start to finish.

Include unexpected moments to  keep viewers engaged throughout, add dynamic visuals, keep the transitions smooth, highlight key messages of each speaker, and most importantly start off the video with a strong opening.

A well constructed and impacting recap video is the best way to captivate your viewers in the shortest amount of time. This is where your editing skills and a powerful editing tool will come in handy.

Create a hashtag for your event to maximize marketing impact

You’ve created a viral-worthy event video. Now, it’s time to spread it far and wide to get maximum eyeballs on it.

One of the best ways to do that is by creating an event specific hashtag. Ask everyone to use it. Create online giveaways and UGC campaigns around the hashtag to increase its reach.

Not only will this help potential attendees find your content with ease, but also help you track what people are saying about your event and brand.

💡 Interested in taking your corporate event videos to the next level?

Read our article on the best types and exemples of corporate event videos.

How to make an event video with PlayPlay?

No time, money, or inclination to create a groundbreaking, cinematic event video? No problem. Raw footage from your iPhone plus an excellent editing application like PlayPlay can help you create an irresistible event video.

Here’s how.

Step 1 - Upload your videos on PlayPlay

Log in to PlayPlay and upload all of your video footage.

Note: PlayPlay accepts MP4, MOV, MKV, MPG, and more video formats, making the upload simple!

Step 2 - Choose your event video template

Next, choose from one of our pre-made fully-customizable video templates or select “new video” to start your event video from scratch.

how to make an event video

Step 3 - Edit your video

Now’s the fun part. Put on your creative hat and add logos, text, voice-overs, music and transitions straight to your event videos. Change the text color and position, customize your intro and outro videos, and play around with other editing features in PlayPlay.

The possibilities are truly endless.

edit your event video

Note: with PlayPlay’s handy branding feature you can lock your logos, fonts, colors, intro and outro videos in to ensure everyone in your team uses consistent branding across all your videos.

Step 4 - Download and share your video

And you’re done. Just use the video share link to share the event video with your team for collaboration and feedback.

Once ready, preview, download and share your event videos on your social media, website and even on your family WhatsApp group.

share your event video

Start creating viral-worthy event videos today with PlayPlay

After reading this, you want to create a studio-quality video without breaking the bank. You have no time to spend hours learning technical video editing skills.

You need to create an amazing event video, pronto.  So what now?

We get it. This is where PlayPlay comes in.

With PlayPlay you can create studio-quality videos with ease, and without any experience.

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