As a SaaS-based company committed to the security of our customer’s data, we are proud to announce the successful completion of the SOC 2 Type I attestation. The completion of this assessment across its 5 Trusted Criteria (Security, Availability, Confidentiality, Processing Integrity, and Privacy) validates PlayPlay as a trusted and secure platform for our customers and their data.

Cyber Security at PlayPlay

System and data security are a high-priority element for our product and company. PlayPlay prioritizes the implementation of security best practices and measures at all levels to competently, appropriately, and securely manage all information security and to guarantee resilience to threats and risks we are facing.

As a SaaS company created in 2017, PlayPlay has rapidly grown to become a leader in the video creation solution market. This accomplishment cannot be sustained without a robust cybersecurity process.

PlayPlay's cybersecurity program has grown to reflect the company's ambition and also to protect against the increasing threats faced by all SaaS companies.

What is SOC 2

SOC 2 is an independent audit conducted to review the company’s effective implementation of: employee controls and training, IT systems and risk management controls, product disciplines, and vendor selections. SOC2 certification is recognized globally for its rigorous reviews of organization’s systems and organizational controls.

SOC 2 Type I consists of a thorough examination of our control policies and practices in accordance with standards from the AICPA. This is undertaken by a third-party firm during a specific date and time..

Our next step

While Type I certifies that PlayPlay has the correct systems and processes in place, we are currently putting infrastructure in place to ensure appropriate maintenance and utilization of these stands so that we can secure the SOC 2 Type II attestation within a 6-months observation period.

The SOC 2 Type II attestation will demonstrate our continued commitment to carrying out already established best practices over a longer period of time.

Report availability

A copy of the SOC 2 Type I attestation is available to customers, partners, and prospective customers upon request.

The PlayPlay Security team remains available for any additional information at [email protected]