Imagine you’ve just clicked to visit a new website landing page. What would grab your attention quicker: text content with some photos, or a dynamic video?

Studies have shown that including video content on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%, and that visitors spend 2.6x more time on these kinds of pages. So it's no surprise that more and more companies are using designated video landing pages to capture and maintain consumer attention to drive quicker conversions.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company selling products or services, video landing pages are one of the best marketing tools to increase your website traffic and convert leads with compelling brand content.

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What are video landing pages and why should you use them?

Video landing pages are quite simply website landing pages with embedded video content on them. These can be used for a multitude of purposes, for example: explaining the business offering or telling the brand story. When employed correctly, they can be used as powerful creative tools to convert leads into customers.

Video landing pages help businesses convey the value of their products and services to viewers. If you’re selling something that is very niche or quite complex, a video landing page is an especially practical and engaging resource to make concepts easier for your prospects to understand.

You can also use these pages to promote specific offers or one-off campaigns, for example: seasonal marketing campaigns or personalized customer experiences. Video landing pages are also highly practical for time-sensitive promotions because it’s easier to make changes to an independent page rather than tweaking content across the main website.

Although they bring many benefits to marketing teams, there are some challenges to be aware of. For one, it’s not always easy to know what types of videos are the best for your landing page. Secondly, it can be time-consuming to create video landing pages from scratch, depending on how you execute it and the content you have planned.

The good news is that there is a methodological process to creating and optimizing successful video landing pages. If you’re curious about how to apply this process to your business’s site, keep reading!

9 steps to create a landing page for your video

1. Determine your video and landing page’s goal

Before creating any marketing assets, you want to do some strategic planning first. Look at the bigger picture–what is your business objective and how do you plan to drive that with video landing pages? Are you looking to drive brand awareness, generate more leads, or convert warm audiences? Identifying your biggest priorities will help you create video landing pages that make a real difference for your business performance.

2. Decide on the type of video you want to create

There are several types of videos that work well for video landing pages. Choosing the best one depends on what content you’re covering in the video. Here’s a list and examples of each video type...

  • Explainer videos: A perfect way to introduce the brand, what problem your company solves, and why you’re the best option for solving that problem.
How to optimize your video landing page: a step-by-step guide
Lemonlight explainer video example
  • Promotional videos: Great for driving brand awareness. These videos present your products/services in an attractive way and convey their value to your audiences.
A step-by-step guide to optimizing your video landing page
Benefit’s promotional video landing page
  • Brand videos: Great for telling the company story. These videos focus on the business as a whole and show audiences what the company stands for.
Optimize your video landing page
Patagonia’s brand video landing page

Product demo videos: Show viewers in more detail how a product or service works. This is a good method for nurturing leads who like more information before making a purchase, or for existing customers who are looking for useful resources.

You can also take users through interactive product tours and explain how everything works to eliminate any doubt users might have when it comes to using your product.

How to optimize your video landing page
Airtable’s product demo video landing page
  • Testimonial videos: Also a great method for nurturing leads who like to do their own research, these videos give prospects a relatable and valuable perspective from fellow satisfied buyers. Reviews help audiences determine if the company is a good fit for them.
Video landing page
ActiveCampaign’s testimonial video landing page

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3. Choose software to create a video landing page

Video landing pages are as good as the tools they’re built with. There are lots of options on the market, from CMS (content management systems), CRMs (customer relationship management), to marketing automation tools. The best tools for non-developers provide intuitive page builders and visual editors that require little to zero coding experience or technical knowledge.

Here is a list of some marketing industry favorites:

  • WordPress - Easy visual editor with drag-and-drop blocks when you select good templates or use a page builder plugin like Elementor
  • Hubspot - Embedded video modules can be integrated into multiple elements (landing pages, emails, etc…)
  • EngageBay - All-in-one CRM with marketing, sales & support solutions for growing businesses
  • Instapage - Pre-designed landing page templates for conversion optimization
  • Unbounce - Zero coding required, landing page creation in minutes
  • Marketo - Optimized landing page performance with marketing automation

4. Write a script

Great video making starts with great scriptwriting. Before you launch into video production, make sure you have a clear storyboard set up and a complete script written so you can focus on directing and producing amazing footage–not writing lines. Although if you do want to edit the script a bit on set, that’s totally fine: the main point is to streamline the entire process by preparing the necessary (time-consuming) elements before shooting begins.

5. Create the video

Now onto the real action. Depending on how large your video production is, this step may take anything from a few hours or several days to a week (or more!) to complete. The video creation process varies greatly between shooting a live action production or a complete video animation.

That all being said, there are generally three options when it comes to video creation.

  • Use a DIY online video creation platform PlayPlay
  • Use a video animation software like Vyond
  • Hire a video production agency or employ in-house video production team

6. Add a CTA to your landing page video

It’s always a shame when viewers watch your entire video… only to leave the site without making any action. CTAs are a must-have in your marketing videos, as they encourage viewers to act at an opportune moment.

Whether that’s subscribing to a channel, leaving a comment, or signing up for something, it’s crucial to tell your audiences exactly what you want them to do if you want results. Your prospects aren’t mind-readers after all, and guiding them towards specific actions will drive higher performance wherever you place a call-to-action.

7. Embed your video on your landing page

This is a critical step in creating your video landing page. Choosing a reliable and high-quality video hosting site is important because it directly affects the functionality of your embedded video. You don’t want to go through the effort of driving traffic to your video landing page, only for the video player to break due to technical issues outside your control.

You can always self-host the video if you’re using a CMS (content management system) or server that has enough space to upload and store the video content. However if you have limited server space, then your best option will be to choose an external hosting site. Here are a few examples to check out:

8. Choose or create a thumbnail

Thumbnails grab the viewer’s attention and give an idea of what the video will be about at a glance. You can either make your own and upload, or choose a screenshot directly from your video. Increase click through rate by keeping the design simple and consistent with the style and key theme of your video content.

Aesthetically, you should incorporate color and easy-to-read font texts to make your thumbnail stand out from others. However, avoid cluttering it with too many elements–it is quite a small space after all.

9. Optimize your video landing page SEO

There’s more good news–the act of creating a video landing page on its own is a great SEO strategy. That’s because video embedded pages are categorized on Google as “rich snippets”, which are the search engine’s preferred type of content to provide high-quality relevant search results to users.

However, now you should also keep track of your video metrics. A higher ranking on search results means higher visibility and stronger CTR for your landing pages and overall website. On top of that, you can optimize your video landing page’s SEO by doing keyword research for copywriting, using external tools including Google Search Console.

If you have narration in your video, you should also add a complete transcript of your video to your video landing page. Not only does this optimize your page’s SEO, it also increases accessibility of your content to readers who cannot or do not want to watch with sound. For more tips on video SEO, check out this article.

Because videos can be quite large, you'll need to find ways to optimize the loading speed of your page in addition to SEO optimization. If you are using Wordpress, you can hire an expert Wordpress web developer to help you out. Someone with experience at creating web pages will be better at finding ways to create a page that load easily while showing off your video in a high-quality format.

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