You’ve spent rigorous time scouring LinkedIn, looking for the perfect candidate. After conducting rounds of interviews and background checks, you finally gave them the job and offered the employment letter. Now the next, perhaps most crucial phase begins — onboarding.

The onboarding process can make the difference between employees churning out or sticking around.

Employee onboarding is one of the most critical HR tasks because it significantly impacts employee productivity, engagement, and retention. But if done poorly, it can increase turnover. In fact, studies show that around 20% of turnover occurs within the first 45 days of a new employee's start date. The first few weeks and months are decisive in an employee's long-term performance.

So how do you ensure your new hires get the best onboarding experience?

Simple: include engaging onboarding videos in your employee orientation structure.

Forward-thinking companies are leveraging the efficacy of onboarding videos to provide seamless integration for new employees.

We have compiled 15 examples of brands that created great onboarding videos to inspire and also teach you how to create the perfect employee onboarding video to boost your bottom line.

First, let’s start with the basics.

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What are Employee Onboarding Videos?

An employee onboarding video, also known as an Orientation video, is a short film or video that introduces new employees to your business, people, values, and culture. It’s the perfect way to welcome new team members and get them excited about working with you.

Onboarding videos are often used with other tools, such as an employee handbook, to give new employees all the information they need to feel comfortable and settled in their new role.

You can create an onboarding video in many ways, but it’s important to ensure that it covers all the key information your new employee needs:

  • An introduction to the company – what it does, its history, and core values
  • An overview of the team they’ll be joining – who they’ll be working with and their roles.
  • A tour of the office – where everything is and what facilities are available.
  • An explanation of company processes – how things work around here.

Creating an engaging onboarding video doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. There are plenty of great examples you can use for inspiration.

Why use Onboarding Videos?

Video is one of the most effective forms of content. The human brains process 90% of information visually. Not only do videos set up entertaining, impressionable ways for newbies to onboard, but they also aid in information retention.

Onboarding videos help orient employees and give them insights into your company's culture, core values, and expectations. They can also help boost morale and engagement by making new employees feel acclimated and valued.

One of the most expensive processes a business undergo is taking the time to hire employees and adequately train them before they take on their positions. Thanks to onboarding video, the process is now cost-effective and also increases the company's ROI because you can reuse them again.

Effective video onboarding gives employees the knowledge they need to be successful. More importantly, it instigates their enthusiasm to stick with the company and deliver results that boost its bottom line.

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15 Awesome Examples of Employee Introduction Videos

First impressions can mean everything, and one way to make a lasting one is by creating a memorable employee welcome video.

While companies opt for a simple office tour, others go for a more creative approach. No matter your style, ensuring your video is engaging and informative is important.

Here are 15 examples of employee onboarding videos that will inspire you:

1. Airbnb's "Welcome to Airbnb" Videos

Airbnb allows property owners to rent out their premises to travelers needing a place to stay. Airbnb goes for a more personal touch in their employee introduction videos with their "Welcome to Airbnb" series.

In these videos, new hires are given a tour of the office and introduced to some of their coworkers. They also get a glimpse into their personal lives, which helps us feel like we know them better.

2. Intuit “We Are Intuit”

“We are intuit” introduces new employees to how their older employees feel about their onboard session. Each person used a word to describe their experience. With high production values, the video introduces new hires to the various members of staff and departments.

The video narrative engages with the audience, editing and joining each question with employees’ answers. This video is simple and stylish with a blended power of edition.

Your employee onboarding video could be an important part of your orientation process. It's advisable to spice your employees’ onboard with an inspirational tone-using video. This is why you need to hire an experienced, professional employee communication company to produce a video that's as good as any on this list, in this case, PlayPlay.

3. HubSpot “Storytelling at its Best”

Storytelling is another important tactic to consider when creating engaging content. Employing a Storytelling technique for your new employee onboard video is another way to spice up your creativity.

The goal of storytelling is to evoke an emotional response in your audience, with the hope that this will motivate them to take action.

HubSpot was built to tell a wonderful story about how their ideas influenced their hiring. HubSpot's video helps new employees learn more about the company culture and what they can expect from their first day at work. The video also provides tips on how to get started with HubSpot products and services.

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4. Salesforce's "Oh, The Places You'll Go" Video

This video did a great job introducing new hires to the Salesforce culture and team. It features interviews with Salesforce employees talking about what they love about their jobs and the company culture. It also gives an overview of the company values and a guide to everything Salesforce does.

This is useful because it gives potential employees an idea of what life as a Salesforce employee will be like before they start filling out applications or attending interviews with recruiters.

5. Google's "An Intern’s First Week" Video

Google's short video did the trick of quickly introducing new hires to the Google culture and team. It features interviews with “Googlers” from around the world, talking about what they love about working at the company. It also overviews employees' perks and benefits — such as free food and on-site childcare. The video guides you through the first week of the job and gives the floor to people from different backgrounds.

6. Facebook's "Life at Facebook" Video

This employee introduction video from Facebook tours the company's headquarters in Menlo Park, California. From the open office layout to the free food and snacks, the video shows that working at Facebook is all about connecting with co-workers.

It gives a great overview of what it's like to work at Facebook — covering everything from company culture and values to employees' perks and benefits. It also features interviews with Facebook employees talking about what they love about their jobs.

7. Amazon's "Day One" Video

This video covers all the basics of what a new hire should know about the company, from its history to its culture. It also details the Amazon customer experience and how employees can be successful in their roles. Shares a glimpse into the lives of some of the company's employees. From software engineers and marketing managers to customer service associates, the video showcases the diverse range of people who work at Amazon

8. Adobe

The video begins with the employee personalizing the brand “I am Adobe,” followed by the President and VP Introducing the vision and mission of the brand.

Adobe video welcomes new hires through the President and Vice President Slides interjecting each presentation. It is a brief overview of the company and provides a link to a more in-depth employee handbook.

9. Zendesk “This is Zendesk”

Persona-focused storytelling is important to onboarding when it comes to creating a narrative. Zendesk welcome video shows the character and personality of the Zendesk culture — introducing Zendesk through voiceover in clear vocabulary and photo illustrations.

10. Canva Culture “Work Smarter, Not Harder”

The video presented the Co-founder of Canva telling the story of how she came about the idea while in school and other team members talking about the development of creativity.

The inspirational story creates the company’s vision through creative design.

What a great way to tell a creative software story.

11. Spotify “Engineering Culture”

This video uses drawing illustrations to explain engineers to the organizational structure. It helps them better understand the way they do and divide the work.

With the combination of drawings, pictures, and storytelling, the corporation introduces us to the work structure in Spotify — promoting corporate values in all their glory.

This creative storytelling can be achieved with the help of video creation software like PlayPlay.

12. Zappos “Company Culture”

Zappos allows new employees to take a refreshingly realistic look at the company. The footage is unedited, and no paid actors were used. The soundtrack is also very light — allowing viewers to focus on the content.

The interesting thing about this introduction video is that there are no zoomed-out shots of shiny office lobbies or fancy interiors. Instead, they focus on the people who influence an office environment.

Zappos is an engaging video that walks through the company's history, highlights its core values, and then brings the video to a close by sharing the benefits of working at Zappos.

13. Dunkin Donuts

The Dunkin’ Donuts onboarding video is a simple and inspiring presentation! In this video, one of their employees explains what it’s like working with the company. Explaining the business's brand, features, and day-to-day activities — payments, relating, and attending to customers.

Speaking to employees directly is the main objective. It would have had a different impact if this had been on paper. Because only a professionally made video can accomplish something similar.

They also vary in that they include their viewers in the video. That distinguished Dunkin for the hospitality it represents as a brand!

14. Riot Games

This example shows how you can use a video as a conversation starter between old and new employees. This is a great way to ease the new person into their start date and create a dialogue between the two groups.

15. Dropbox

Dropbox does a great job using a video to introduce the company and welcome new team members. It gives a quick overview of the company and some interesting facts about it.

To conclude

Now, you know the importance of employee onboarding videos and how they can serve as the central hub for a great onboarding experience. Remember, if your new hires churn out or struggle on their first day, it can dampen their motivation to deliver excellent results moving forward.

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