New Employee Announcement: Best Practices and Template

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New Employee Announcement: Best Practices and Template

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New names to learn, new processes and schedules, invoicing systems and passwords: starting a new job can be an information overload. And, for existing team members, the addition of a new hire can be an unexpected surprise. While it’s always exciting for someone new to join the team, new employees and existing team members both benefit from a proper introduction.

Think of it this way, you wouldn’t invite someone to a party without introducing them to the other guests. Bringing a new employee on board is just the same—read on to find out how best to make the introduction, and why it’s beneficial for everyone.

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Why announce a new employee?

A strong company culture, where everyone feels supported and engaged, is essential. In a survey, Glassdoor, a career resource website, found that 65% of respondents said company culture keeps them at their jobs. Furthermore, 56% said culture trumped salary when it came to job satisfaction. In the world of hybrid work, finding ways to cultivate connections between employees and boost business culture is even more important.

So, it’s clear that culture is a big deal. But many employers and HR Professionals might not realize that building culture starts at the very beginning—before an employee even shows up to their first day of work. The numbers are clear–not many organizations get onboarding right. In a recent poll, Gallup discovered that a mere 12% of employees thought their company did a great job onboarding new hires. An announcement that welcomes a new hire to the company sets the tone and smooths the way for a great work experience.

Read on to find out how to introduce a new employee to your company. You know the saying: you only get one chance at a first impression!

When and How to Announce New Employees?

Sending a quick email to the relevant people, or even the whole company, is one of the best, most effective ways to announce that a new employee is joining the team. It’s casual, easy to do, and paves the way for a great first day when your new employee shows up at work. Make sure your message is targeted to the right people–depending on the size of your organization, and the position that has been filled, it might be appropriate to share with everyone, or just a select team. For example, if you hire a new leader to the c-suite, that’s a great opportunity for an all-company email. However, if your new employee is joining a smaller team with a more limited reach, an email to just their immediate co-workers will suffice.

When bringing someone new onboard, it’s important not to overload people with too much information—stick to the basics, like when the new employee starts and what their new job title will be. Afterall, people are much more likely to read short, snappy emails. Introductory emails act as an icebreaker and ensure there are no surprises when a new employee arrives for their first day of work. Make an email introduction no less than one week before an employee begins; you want to strike a balance between giving people enough time to prepare for a new team member’s arrival and keeping the announcement fresh in everyone’s minds.

If you have multiple newbies joining the company at the same time, introduce them all at once in a single email to cut down on excess communications.

While an email is a great baseline for an introduction, adding a video element can make your message—and your new employee—stand out even more. Today, many people are well-versed in using social media to create short, expressive videos that showcase their personality. With an introductory video, a new employee has a chance to share some more personal information about themselves and connect with team members on a more human level.

PlayPlay’s video creation solution is ideal for crafting these types of videos. With the tool, it’s easy to create a professional looking introduction without needing to be an expert in video editing.

You can also use video in Human Resources to make recruitment videos or video onboarding.

A Step-by-step Guide for Introducing New Employees to the Team

Follow these fool-proof steps for creating an email announcement with flair.

1. Work on an attractive subject line

Let’s face it, most people glance over their inboxes, eyes flitting from one unread email to another. Making sure your email has an informative, concise subject line is absolutely key—the goal is to get the relevant information across even for readers who don’t open the email. It’s a shame, but the reality is that many emails go unread. Making sure that employees still get a sense of the email’s content through the subject line ensures that the information reaches as many people as possible.

2. Content is key

The body of the email should be short and to the point—remember the previous point about inbox overload. Stick to the basics—title, start date, and a few personal details about the new hire. Once you have the basics covered, you can allow an accompanying video to speak for itself and fill in any missing information. Using a video to introduce a new hire allows you to achieve a more relatable, even playful tone than is possible in most emails. Let a new member of a team shine in an employee introduction video !

3.The sign off

As you close the email, make sure you take a moment to encourage readers to respond with their own words of welcome. It’s a nice gesture and any new hire will certainly appreciate a few personal follow-up emails welcoming them to the team.

New Employee Introduction Templates

5 Email Templates to get you and your new employee off on the right foot.

New Employee Introduction Email Template 1

Hello All,

Please join [Insert Company Name] in welcoming the latest addition to our team: [Insert New Employee Name]! Starting [Insert Start Date] [Insert Employee Name] will be joining us as a [Insert Role]. [Insert Employee Name] has a wealth of expertise to bring to the role after [Insert details about where the new employee studied or worked previously, for how long, and any other unique expertise they might have]. We are thrilled to welcome [Insert Employee Name] to the [Insert Company Name] family.

All the best,
[Your Name]

New Employee Introduction Email Template 2

Hello Team,

After a thorough search, we are proud to announce that we have found a great fit for the role of [Insert Role New Hire Will be Filling]. Starting on [Insert Date], [Insert Employee Name] will be joining us from [Insert Previous Company or School]. Let’s all make sure [Insert Pronoun] feels at home!

[Your Name]

New Employee Introduction Email Template 3

Dear [Insert Company Name] Team,

I am thrilled to announce that, effective [Insert Date], we will have a new team member joining us. [Insert Employee Name] will be our newest [Insert Title]. Not only is [Insert Name] a highly qualified [Insert Title], [Insert Pronoun] is also an accomplished [Insert hobbies or additional qualifications]! Please feel free to drop [Insert Name] a quick hello via email before [Insert Pronoun] begins on [Insert Date].

[Your Name]

New Employee Introduction Email Template 4

Hello Everyone,

Today we have some exciting news to share— [Insert Company Name] is getting a new [Insert Role]! Beginning [Insert Date], [Insert New Employee Name] will begin their role as the latest member of the [Insert Business Unit] team as part of our effort to [Insert Business Objective]. [Employee Name] brings [Insert Number] years of experience to the role, as well as [Insert Degree or Qualification]. We are looking forward to welcoming [Insert Pronoun] in person, but until then, please join us in extending a virtual welcome via email.

All the best,
[Your Name]

New Employee Introduction Email Template 5

Dear All,

As some of you may know, [Insert Company Name] has been searching for a new [Insert Role]. Well, the search is over! As of [Insert Date], [Insert Name] will join the company as our newest member of the [Insert Business Unit] team. It’s an exciting time to be a part of [Insert Company Name] and we are confident that [Insert Name] will bring a unique and qualified perspective to our work in the [Insert Industry] field.
Please join me in offering [Insert Name] a warm welcome!

[Your Name]

6 Subject Line Examples

While the body of an email is undeniably important, the subject line is like the wrapping on a gift. Make sure it’s enticing enough that people want to open it up! Afterall, announcing new employees can just take a few words.

  • A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Team Member
  • [Company Name’s] Newest [Job Position]!
  • Please Welcome [Company Name’s] New [Job Position]
  • Welcome [Employee Name]!
  • Welcome to the [Company Name] Family, [Employee Name]!
  • Big News! [Insert Name] is Joining the Company!

It’s Time to Make the Introduction!

You’ve already covered how to introduce a new employee to the team via email. Why not put what you’ve learned into practice, and get started with PlayPlay video creation software to bring a little something extra to your introduction emails. Starting out strong with a great introduction will pay dividends–employee loyalty, great culture, and above all, a memorable start to your new team member’s  journey at your company!

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