If you work in the clean energy industry, you know that building and conducting a marketing strategy for your niche industry is even more essential in order to achieve business goals.

Whether you’re marketing geothermal energy to solar electrical energy, you’ll require a comprehensive marketing plan: one that helps your audience understand what challenges your company is solving.

You want to create high quality content for your audience, which not only exerts your authority in the renewable energy industry, but also establishes trust with them and helps in lead generation.

However, there’s one challenge.

The renewable energy industry is a very specific industry, and the technology used can often be complex to understand, especially for the average person. Marketing these products and services is a whole other ball game. And that’s where the power of videos can really be leveraged.

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Why is video central for your renewable energy marketing strategy?

Why does video work so well for marketing green electricity? Video is known to deliver information and educate people more effectively than other forms of content. Let's have a look at some video marketing statistics!

Wyzowl’s study shows that 66% of people choose video to learn more about a product or service. And that’s not it. 86% of consumers want even more videos from brands.

  • Video has a better return on investment than several other forms of marketing. According to Biteable, 68% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than Google Ads. And 61% of marketers see video as a “very important or extremely important” part of their marketing strategy. So marketers are increasingly leaning towards video as an essential marketing tactic.
  • Videos can help simplify complex concepts and make sense of things. Would you rather read a 10 page report on complex green electricity topics or watch a quick and simple video explaining alternative energy and its development? Most would choose a video for a simple reason. It’s easier to comprehend complex topics via a video! Like Green Mountain Energy’s video. Pretty convincing the benefits of video marketing, aren't they?
  • As a marketer, with video you have numerous options to storytell and convey emotions, both of which are crucial to help promote eco-friendly solutions today. Like Direct Energy’s storytelling video.

7 types of videos for renewable energy companies

There are a plethora of B2B video marketing types marketers can invest in. However, the following 7 are the most popular video types for renewable energy companies.

Explainers videos

Explainer videos are excellent at explaining a complicated topic, especially in an industry as complex as renewable energy. Laymen don’t know what floating wind energy is or how they can reuse things lying at home to promote green energy. They don’t understand concepts like whether 100% green energy is feasible for entire countries or not.

To explain it to them, you need to create explainer videos.
Explainer videos come in many forms,

  • How to videos: this is where you explain to your audience how to do a specific thing. Like this video:
  • Storytelling videos: this is where you weave a story that instantly captivates your audience while explaining a concept. Like Acciona’s beautiful video on YouTube:
  • Bring in experts and influencers to talk about important subjects. Acciona has dedicated a whole playlist to getting influencers to come and talk to their audience.

Tour of facility

Everyone likes to see some behind the scenes action of brands and businesses that they admire. Humanize your sustainable energy brand by taking your audience on a virtual tour of the facility.

You can conduct this tour via live streaming on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, or shoot a creative video showing your facility and then upload it on social profiles.

You can even make videos on new launches by your business to further intrigue your audience.

Offers and discount videos

Using videos to creatively show your offers and discounts is an excellent way to get leads and boost engagement.

Direct Energy does a great job at creating a fun video for their cracking offer - two months of free energy!

Project highlight / recap video

Project highlight videos are a great way to display your achievements and show your audience everything your business has done for the sustainable energy industry. It also establishes trust with the audience and authority in front of other industry experts.

Business results video

What results did you achieve for your customers? Highlight them in a video and show them to your audience.

If you can get reviews and testimonials by happy customers, that’s even better.

Culturejack videos

Use popular global and local events to further market your products. From mothers day to even National Pizza day, there’s an event every single day that you can use to further your marketing initiatives. When you’re posting on social media, use the corresponding hashtag for even better reach and engagement.

Direct Energy created a beautiful video for Mother’s day highlighting their energy and warmth. An excellent way to tie in a popular event with clean energy.

Common FAQs about your product

Regularly ask your audience what their questions are regarding the industry and your business. You can use the Instagram Stories option and the question poll in it to ask these questions, conduct live sessions and make a list of questions asked, or physically ask people you know.

Then make a list of all the frequently asked questions about your product or service and create a video around it.

You can even post this video on your website to increase signups and purchases. According to Wyzowl, 86% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website.

Looking to dive into the world of video?

So, how to make a marketing video that differentiates you from your competitors? Creating a video from scratch can seem like a difficult task. There’s pre production, production, and then post production to take care of. It requires massive budgets and extensive manpower.

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