Maximize Engagement with Thought-Provoking Educational Videos

Educate and entertain your audience with informative videos online made in PlayPlay’s easy-to-use video maker.

Maximize Engagement with Thought-Provoking Educational Videos

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Create Educational Videos in Less than 15 Minutes!

Simplify complex topics and increase understanding and engagement with educational videos. Position your company as a subject matter expert in your niche and quickly deliver value to viewers.

With PlayPlay, making professional-quality educational videos has never been easier. Our user-friendly platform allows you to create engaging and informative videos that will help you communicate your message more effectively. Ready to share your knowledge with highly-engaging videos?

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How to Make an Educational Video


Choose a video template on PlayPlay

Select “new video” to start your educational video from scratch or use one of our pre-made fully customizable video templates.


Upload your media

Import the video of your choice by selecting it from your files or dragging and dropping it to the platform. You can also select from a range of videos in our royalty-free library if you’re struggling for inspiration!


Personalize your video

Create informative and engaging video content by combining screens, branding your video, adding text, voice-over, automatic subtitles, dynamic elements and much more in a matter of clicks.


Download and share your video

‍‍Download your video and share it on your website, intranet or another platform. Our collaborative feature allows you to work across teams on your content before it’s ready to publish too!

Become a Thought Leader with Educational Videos

Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry and build your brand reputation as a trusted source of information by making educational videos. Showcase your expertise and knowledge, and build credibility by providing valuable information to viewers. Reach a wider audience by sharing your videos on social media.

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Create Dynamic and Interactive Educational Videos

Create engaging educational videos by choosing from hundreds of PlayPlay’s fully-customizable templates. Our premium designs will help you craft professional-looking video content within minutes. Mix and match various screens to achieve your desired look, and personalize your videos by adding your own intros and outros. All you need to do is add a bit of “you” to boost your personal brand.

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Improve Onboarding and Learning

Employee and customer on-boarding shapes their view of the organization and can leave a lasting impression. Comprehensive and smooth on-boarding is critical to retaining top employees, and driving revenue for business via satisfied clients. With educational videos you can facilitate communication sharing for all and ensure better productivity and experience. Create engaging educational content quickly and easily thanks to PlayPlay’s video editor. Choose from our library of fully-customizable templates, add your own footage and audio, and add text, logos, and brand colors to make it your own. Edit everything from start to finish right on our platform.

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Communicate with video

Speak directly to your audience with video. PlayPlay’s intuitive video creation platform enables marketing and communication teams to turn any message into a memorable video with ease. No previous editing experience needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

What is the best software for making educational videos?

PlayPlay is one of the most intuitive and user-friendly platforms for creating educational videos. You can create professional-quality educational videos in just minutes, without any video editing skills. Use our fully-customizable templates and easy-to-use drag and drop features in no time.

How can I make educational videos?


You can make educational videos in a few steps using our platform PlayPlay:

  • Log in to PlayPlay then choose a template and upload your media.
  • Personalize your video with text, voice-over, dynamic elements, and much more.
  • Download and share your video on any platform you choose.

What makes a good educational video?

A good educational video simplifies complex topics and increases understanding and engagement with viewers. You should showcase your expertise and knowledge, build credibility, and provide valuable information to your audience. The length of your video will vary significantly based on the complexity of your topic - but the shorter the better. Videos that last less than 3 minutes perform best, and if you need them to be longer consider doing them as a short video series of 10-15 min each.

Professional look and feel will help viewers engage till the end. Do this by crafting professional-looking educational videos with a tool like PlayPlay that gives you access to fully-customizable templates and professional editing features.

Once your video is ready make sure to share it with your audience on the best-performing channel. Whether it’s LinkedIn or YouTube to educate professional communities, or your internal platforms and email to educate your employees. It’s that simple!

What our customers say about PlayPlay

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    It is so easy to edit on PlayPlay, it's almost comical. People are amazed that I can turn around a video in 10 minutes.


    Steve Jamieson

    Associate Manager of Field Communications @ Novo Nordisk

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    PlayPlay helps us create high-quality videos while keeping up with the fast pace of social media.


    Tania Rahman

    Social Media Director @ Fast Company

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    It was often difficult… outsourcing video production makes the process more lengthy and not all creative decisions were under our control. With PlayPlay, we are much more intentional about planning and creating new visual content.


    Aimée Knight

    Public Relations Officer @ Heifer

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    I love how fast it is to create videos with PlayPlay. Before, it would take weeks from the creative brief to the delivery of the video by the agency. Now it’s just a matter of hours and the videos look just as good!


    Kirsten Humphrey

    Digital Marketing Director @ Heineken UK

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    With its AI features and templates, PlayPlay allows me to quickly create simple, dynamic videos without having to use complicated software. It’s helped me increase my content output, as well as reach and engagement on Reels.


    Nate Goold

    Social Media and Online Reputation Manager @ The University of Kansas Health System

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    Since PlayPlay, we've increased video views on our social media platforms by over 165% quarter over quarter.


    Sarah Hirsch

    Brand & Marketing Strategist @ Gundersen Health System

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    PlayPlay allows me to create videos in a more efficient way. The corporate templates save me a lot of time, and the AI voice-over is one of my favorites!


    Nicolas Ospina Ramirez

    Senior Communications Director @ Schneider Electric

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    80% of our social media content is now made with PlayPlay.


    Alexis Bernard

    Head of Social Media @ Crédit Agricole