Color backgrounds are great for displaying text for sections of your video without photos or images. These backgrounds are especially useful, for example, in interview videos for presenting questions. They can also be used as title screens to introduce any kind of social clip.

new animated video backgrounds

The first option is to use a background with just one color. It’s simple and works well, but it could become repetitive if used too frequently throughout the video.

That’s why we’ve just released 15 new animated backgrounds on PlayPlay, so that you can add some fresh variety to your videos.

These animated video backgrounds fall under 3 categories: patterns, gradients and frames.

animated backgrounds on playplay
  • Patterns: These dynamic backgrounds have shifting forms that give your content a pop and fresh touch.
  • Gradients: Tapping into a strong visual trend, the gradient backgrounds create an innovative look.
  • Frames: The frames give direct focus to your text and will add extra emphasis to your questions or statements.

How to choose your custom background

Customizing your animated background couldn’t be easier! Just select one from the ‘backgrounds’ list and then click preview to make sure you like the effect.

new backgrounds

And what about background media?

You can also add video clips, photos and GIFs to the background of your video. The best option is to choose your own media for the background footage: this could be videos or photos you have taken with your colleagues at your offices or during an event, for example.

Using your own media will bring your video to life with more authenticity and personality. Viewers will feel engaged with the content and will be more likely to absorb the message of the video.

If you don’t have your own photos or videos, you can dive into the stock media library on PlayPlay to find authentic content. The right stock footage will also aid your storytelling and give visual context to the audience.

On PlayPlay, you have access to Unsplash, iStock, Pexel. Enterprise users also have access to GettyImages, the highest-quality stock media available.

Searching for stock: spot the difference!

When choosing your stock videos or photos, it’s important to find media that looks both authentic and natural.

Let’s play a quick game: which of these two stock photos looks more authentic?

video background media
stock media

The second one definitely looks more natural, right?

The key to finding the best stock media is through refining your search phrases. For example, if searching for “colleagues” doesn’t show up the kind of photos or video footage, you could try “teammates” or an even more specific phrase, like “startup coworkers.”

Try out different combinations of your keyword in your search, and you will find the perfect stock media for your video.

Wanna play?

We’re always on the lookout for the hottest video trends so that we can provide you with the best animations and stock footage on the market.

For all the best tips about choosing your background media, check out this video with PlayPlay's CEO, Thibaut Machet.

Now that you know all about backgrounds and how to use them, it’s time to start using them in your own videos! Or maybe you’re new to PlayPlay? Try out our 7-day free trial and prepare to be amazed. Fresh gradients, dynamic patterns, energizing frames... start customizing and make your videos pop!