A whopping 96% (!) of people don’t trust ads. That’s huge, isn’t it?

With the rise of social media and word-of-mouth recommendations, the effectiveness of advertising has taken a blow. In fact, people have come to rely on testimonials to make their buying decisions – whether it’s selecting a mattress or a costly software subscription.

This is where a strong testimonial video comes into the picture for your business.

Not only do these videos encourage people to buy, but consumers dig them. Here’s proof: 79% of consumers have watched a testimonial video to learn about a business, service, or product.

But that’s not all. The same report also reveals that two-thirds of consumers agree that they’re likely to buy something after watching a testimonial video showing how a product or service has assisted someone like them.

With the case for video testimonials made, let’s dive into seven video testimonial ideas that you can try for your business.

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Why should I make testimonial videos for my company?

There’s more to why you should create testimonial videos than consumer demand and their effectiveness in helping you sell.

Here are three reasons why you should consider creating these social-proof marketing videos right away:

A testimonial video can feature customers and bring social proof into play

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that states that people follow the actions of other people. So if others were buying from you (and you showcase it with a testimonial video), others will be more likely to buy from you as well.

The underlying reason for this is simple: social proof makes it easy for people to trust your business. They end up thinking ‘if others are buying from company X, then it’s probably credible enough for me to invest too.’

Besides, a person revealing how a business has helped them assists others in understanding exactly how the same can help them too.

Not to mention, the human face humanizes the sales process, which is probably why 42% of consumers say that an actual person sharing a testimonial makes such a video effective. Besides that, you should also keep in mind that your video will be seen by individuals. Therefore you should include in your strategy an approach of personalized video marketing.

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There are tons of use cases for video testimonials besides customer testimonials

Put another way, testimonial videos aren’t limited to winning customers and growing your sales. Instead, you can use them to recruit employees and collaborate with other business partners.

These videos convert better than other marketing formats

In fact, the consistent use of video testimonials for your business can help you drive 62% more revenue per customer.

On the flip side, the conversion rate for a landing page stands between an average of 3-5.5%. Whitepapers convert somewhat better with an analysis of $3 million in ad spend highlighting that a whitepaper has a significant impact on conversion rates.

Both, however, don’t convert as well as testimonial videos. Why? Two reasons: video is the booming medium right now and testimonial-based videos leverage social proof in action, bringing better conversions rates. That's why you should also think when getting a testimonial to maybe turn a case study video out of it.

Most of all, 90% of consumers agree video helps them make buying decisions – making video testimonials the clear winner here.

💡 Ever heard of video prospecting?

Nowadays, it may seem that it's getting harder to make people buy your product. However, you just learned that individuals trust individuals so why not start including testimonials or a fitting use case showcasing real customers in your prospecting approach. Video prospecting allows you not only to build trust, but also to make your message come through and visualize your product even better.

Challenges of creating testimonial videos

Now, while you might be tempted to create a video testimonial, is the cost and time that goes into making an effective customer testimonial video holding you back?

The good news is that creating a video testimonial doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, overwhelming task that strains your budget.

With the right video creation platform at your fingertips, you can speed your way through creating a whole range of testimonial videos. The key to simplifying the process, however, is choosing a video maker that:

  • Offers a diverse template library
  • Provides several interview-style layouts
  • Gives access to a premium stock media library
  • Gives the option to upload your own media and branding presets

A video maker with these features allows you to create a variety of branded video testimonials. Not to mention, it simplifies the process, saving you the headache of hiring professional video creators. If you want to know how to make a professional video on your own, we've got you covered!

7 ideas for testimonial videos

Let’s dive right into seven powerful ideas for creating stellar video testimonials:

1. Single testimonial videos

A single testimonial video features a talking head interview with a customer. Georgia Museum of Art sharing their story about using Mailchimp is a brilliant example:

Keep in mind that for a single testimonial video to be a success, you’ll want to tell a story. Check out our template for creating a video script for help with this process.

2. Multiple testimonial videos

Multiple testimonial videos are similar to single testimonial videos except they feature multiple customers.

Since there are several people sharing their experience with your business, this video testimonial idea tends to hit the social proof nail on the head effectively.

Watch how Zendesk leverages multiple testimonial video to understand the full potential of this idea:

3. Product Review

Product reviews are a consumer favorite. Proof? Google reveals viewers watched 50,000+ years of product review videos between 2015-2017 alone.

With online shopping having gained a stronger footing in the last few years, you can tell the watch time for these videos has only increased.

To add to that, product reviews are among the most popular types of videos on YouTube.

Hence, an effective way to go about creating product review videos is to ask influencers in your industry to review your business. 37% of people say that this approach is more authentic than a business’s pitch of their own product.

Here’s an influencer reviewing an iPhone cable:

4. Employee testimonial

The testimonial video idea is a perfect choice if you’re looking to recruit new people or simply want to showcase your work culture to give a peek of what’s behind the curtain.

Sprout Social has an Inside #TeamSprout series that features employees sharing about themselves and why they love working at the company. For viewers, such video content reveals a lot about what it's like to work at Sprout Social while showing the people who work there.

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5. Result-oriented testimonial videos

Results-oriented testimonial videos work well for reassuring stakeholders about investing in your business. Why? Because such a video showcases lots of statistics that do a convincing job in a compelling video format.

Here’s a classic example of a results-oriented customer testimonial video:

6. Customer journey-focused videos

These videos walk viewers through a customer, their daily business challenges, and how your company solved their challenge.

The goal here is simple: tell a story that resonates with viewers so they can see their problem mirrored in the business the video features and visualize how your brand can help solve their problem too.

Monday.com dives into one of their customer’s daily challenges with the client sharing how their daily life was without the project management tool:

7. Before-and-after  

Before-and-after testimonial videos also tell a story for effect. There’s an obvious distinction between how life was (for the featured customer) before your product or service entered the scene, and after it – highlighting the benefits of your offer loud and clear.

💡 Open to other video types?

You are now ready to create your own videos but need more inspiration?
If you want to create social media videos that are designed to go viral, go have a look at buzzfeed videos.
Your Customer Success Team always gets asked the same question even though you provide FAQs? Why not producing how-to videos?
You want to communicate on your quarterly review? Create your video slideshow including all the highlights of the past quarter.

Whatever you create, don't forget to repurpose video content! Top-quality content takes time and resources, so make sure to recycle and vary on the formats and channels.

That's a wrap

A video testimonial can help you gain your audience’s trust by sharing how other people like them are using your product or service.

Not only does that tap into social proof to encourage people to buy, but it also helps viewers to visualize what your offer can bring them.

The best part? You don’t need a professional video production crew to create video testimonials. Instead, get started today with the right DIY video creation platform by your side... we can testify to that! Test PlayPlay, the enterprise video creation platform and convince yourself how easy video creation can be!